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Ryna Workman LinkedIn: Check Details On Reddit, NYU Law & Winston!

Ryna Workman LinkedIn post shared the story of an NYU student whose job offer at Winston Law Firm got revoked. 

Are people divided over the recent Hamas attack that killed over 1,000 Israeli citizens? Is sympathizing with terrorist groups a dangerous sign for civil society at the global level? The civil society in the United States faces a new crisis with divided opinions on the recent Hamas attack on Israel. 

The voices in support of Hamas are coming from University campuses and law firms. Ryna Workman LinkedIn has details on this disturbing story that has surprised people across the globe. 

Is Ryna Workman LinkedIn Profile Available on the Internet?

Ryna Workman, the current president of the New York Law School students bar association, is facing backlash for a controversial post. An Online newsletter from the NYU Student Bar Association written by Ryna backs Hamas’s brutal attack on Israeli territory. 

The message in support of Hamas has generated a lot of outrage on social media sites. The LinkedIn page of Ryna Workman does not exist, but its links are still available. 

Ryna Workman NYU Law Student Controversial Massage!

Ryna used the Student Bar Association presidential chair to share her views on the topic. The law student message states that the current “Hamas attack is in response to the Israeli inhuman policy towards Palestinian citizens .”The post blamed the Israeli regime for their citizens’ current loss of life.  

The Ryna post further mentioned that “Israeli state-sponsored violence created a situation that made the resistance attack necessary.” Ryna Workman NYU online newsletter on Hamas didn’t go down well with the New York Law University. The Law chapter of the University has sidelined itself from this controversial comment, and its Dean has repudiated the statement. 

The Law school made it clear that this statement is not from the leadership of the Law School, and as an institution, they condemn it. Dean Troy McKenzie stated that the matter is under investigation, and the school takes action based on state and federal laws for bias and discriminatory behavior. 

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Ryna Workman Winston Job Offer:

The Winston and Strawn law firm said on Tuesday that they have withdrawn the job offer to a New York University Law student. The firm clarified that the student had done a summer internship from Winston and was offered a job there. The firm didn’t name the student, but a controversial post on a Hamas attack from an NYU law student revealed the person’s identity. 

The Ryna LinkedIn profile also mentioned Ryna Workman Winston Sumner’s internship at the firm. The Law firm further stated that Strawn’s organization values conflict with former summer interns. Winston and Strawn reiterated that they stand in solidarity with the Israeli people and condemned the brutal recent attack by Hamas terrorists on Israeli soil. 

According to Winston Law Firm, working with someone who doesn’t share our values is a tough call for the firm. 

Ryna Workman Reddit Post and Reaction:

The unofficial subreddit community of New York University on this platform shared a post one day ago. The” Ryna Workman job offer rescinded” post has attracted more than 300 comments within twenty hours. The Reddit post shared the firm’s Twitter message that rescinded the job offer to Ryna Workman. It mentioned that the job offer was revoked due to her inflammatory remark on the recent Hamas attack. 

Most Reddit user has welcomed the law firm decision and shared their outrage over Ryna Workman’s inflammatory remarks. 

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NYU Law School Bar Association President Ryna Workman has job offer rescinded after blaming Israel for Hamas terror attacks in her weekly newsletter
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The Ryna Workman Reddit post reflects the majority opinion on the recent Hamas attack. Most people across the globe have condemned the terrorist attack that killed more than 1,000 innocent citizens. Hamas sympathizers must realize that violence should be condemned without conditions.

Is Winston and Strawn firm right in revoking Ryna’s job offer? Please comment. 

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