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{Update Today}Dylan Mortensen Boyfriend Reddit: Who Is Dylan Boyfriend? Is He Involved In Idaho Murders Case? Check Full Update On His Parents, Instagram, And Tiktok Account

The Dylan Mortensen Boyfriend Reddit article talked about a spine-chilling case and shared some details.

Do you know about the University of Idaho killing? Do you want to know about Dylan’s Boyfriend? Is there any suspect arrested for this case? In, this write-up, we will explain why people blame Dylan Mortensen Boyfriend Reddit and other social media platforms.

This murder case took place in the United States, and everyone around the globe is shocked to hear about this attack on college students at their private residences. Read the article to know more. 


Who Is Dylan And Her Boyfriend?

Dylan Mortensen is one of the two survivors of the Idaho University attack on 13th November 2022. Dylan’s boyfriend, Quinn, called 911 outside the house when the attack occurred. As per sources, people are blaming him on social media and claiming that Quinn Kelley must have had some connection with the killer.

Disclaimer:  We present facts and details already present in the public domain. All the information is collected through credible internet sources. 

Otherwise, what was he doing outside the house at a weird time? Why is his girlfriend spared in the killing? Also, everyone is going crazy over why Dylan took six hours to report the police about the killings. So, people on social media like Redditdemand that police investigate Dylan’s boyfriend. 

More Details About The Attack

This attack occurred near the University of Idaho, Moscow, on 13th November 2022. Four students were slain in this attack. Idaho Murders killed Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen, but Bethany and Dylan survived. 

As Dylan described, a tall man in black attire and a face covered with a mask was the killer. She is under immense pressure to come clean about this question. On 30th December 2022, a suspect was arrested in a murder and burglary case in Pennsylvania. Bryan Kohberger, the suspect, is said to be the only suspect in the Idaho case as well, and an investigation is under process.

Details On Quinn’s Parents

As per online sources, people are targeting Quinn also because of his parent’s background. His father has several criminal records, and he had been to jail last year. Although details about his mother are not available on the internet, based on his father’s criminal history, people are linking him with the killer.

People’s Reactions 

When any news is in the public domain, everyone will put up their opinions; as for this killing case, the public is enraged. Although Mortensen herself is a victim, comments on Instagram and other social media platforms towards Dylan and Quinn are very harsh. Along with Quinn, they suspect Dylan as well. 


Idaho University killing case is discussed in the article. People are talking about Dylan (a survivor) and his boyfriend, Quinn Kelley. Internet people are claiming that the couple is maybe related to the killer. Click here to read more about how and why people are blaming Dylan

Roommate of 3 of the 4 victims Dylan Mortensen seen posing in this photo in front of possible same truck seen in Moscow Police body cam footage the night of the crime at approximately 3 am.
by u/hereforthejokes007 in idaho4victims

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Read The Latest Updates On Dylan’s Boyfriend Idaho: FAQs

Q1. When did quadruple killing happen?

It happened on 13th December 2022.

Q2. How many people were killed?

Four students, three females and one male, were killed.

Q3. Who is Dylan Mortensen’s boyfriend?

Quinn Kelley is Dylan’s boyfriend.

Q4. Who called 911 first?

As per reports, Quinn was the first person to report the incident. 

Q5. Is this case trending on Tiktok?

This brutal killing case is trending everywhere, and people are discussing the issue.

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