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{Updated} Tiantian Kullander Wikipedia: Checkout Wikipedia To Fetch Wife, Ethnicity, Education, Family, Parents & More Biography Facts! Is He Died Due To Drugs?

The article discusses the recent death news of Tiantian Kullandar and the Tiantian Kullander Wikipedia information in the brief article.

Do you know Tiantian Kullader? One of the famous founding members of the Crypto Currency company Amber Group. Kullander was 30 years old when he died in sleep last week. As per the report, the death reason is not disclosed. The news is circulated worldwide.

Tiantian left his all-innovative thoughts, and his funeral will be done soon, as reports say. In the meanwhile, we need to check Tiantian Kullander Wikipedia.


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Tiantian: A Quick Wiki!

  • Full Name/Real Name- Tiantian Kullandar 
  • Age- 30
  • Date of Birth- 1990
  • Nickname- TT
  • Occupation- Co-founder of Amber Group
  • Marital Status- Married
  • Wife Name- Not mentioned.
  • Date of Birth- No Data 
  • Place of Birth- Hong Kong
  • Religion- Christian
  • Mother’s name- Not Mentioned  
  • Partner Name- No data
  • Zodiac Sign- Not Mentioned 

The Obituary of Tiantian

After this death, many people are searching for Tiantian’s official obituary. While we are searching, we find a few obituaries about him. As Tiantian was famous for his cryptocurrency work, millions of financial people are searching for him on the internet. It is also said Tiantian left his Wife and a child. Tiantian was a very devoted husband and loving father.

Primary Information about Tiantian

We find some reports about his life and career. We have very little information about his early life. And we see he struggled too much before he became a co-founder of Amber Group. But we also need accurate reports on his childhood or his Parents. 

Even about his Family we need more information. We don’t get any names of this father or mother and wife. But we also found that Tiantian took his company to a new height. As a co-founder of the Amber group, he initiated many new thoughts for digital currency and its availability in the market. 

The Education

Kullander was born in 1992 in Hong Kong. From his childhood days, he was a very studied student. At an early age, he completed his studies at a local school but later joined Durham University for higher studies.

Professional Biography

After completing higher studies, Tiantian joined Jefferies as an investment banker. But he worked here as an intern. After completing the internship, Tiantian joined Goldman Sachs in the credit trading sector. In this organization, Kullandar looked after the principal funding and investment. But in this company, we worked for less than a year.

Latest News Tiantian Kullander Wikipedia Biography

As per this Biography, in 2013, Tiantian joined Morgan Stanley. His position was emerging market trader in this organization. We took care of macro-finance and did many notable works. 

While working with Morgan Stanley, he met the co-founder of the Amber group. Amber is a crypto fiancé company and has become the leading venture in the market. The valuation of the company reached around three billion USD at this time. 

Also, with the challenging initiatives of Kullandar, the company was associated with Chelsea and Atletico Madrid. With the help of the Amber group Tiantian founded another company, Rook Labs, in 2020. 

This company works on defi applications and does many banking and finance-related works. In 2022 Tiantian became the leading mastermind of another esports company Fnatic.

Many people want to know about his Ethnicity. But we need help finding information on this. We find some remarkable facts about Tiantian. In 2019 he was selected in the Forbes 30 list. Tiantian had 6.6 followers on the LinkedIn account. In 2011 Tiantian also achieved first place by securing the completion of BP Oil Trading.

Just a few years back few allegations were made against him. Tiantian used Drugs. But after the search of all the reports, we are still looking for the authentic news on this. It is also true Kullandar was a very famous and optimistic Crypto organizer. His net worth was one billion USD. 

Social Media for Tiantian Wikipedia

We found exciting news that Kullandar needed to be more active on the major social media platforms. But he was only happening on Linked In. 


The news of Kullandar has been officially announced by the Amber group. But we have yet to get an official statement from his family. You can check some of his thoughts by checking the link.

Tiantian Kullander Wikipedia– FAQ 

1) Do you know the Name of the Parents of Kullandar?


2) What was his age at the time of death?

30 Years. 

3) Who was Kullandar?

Co-founder of Amber Group.

4) Where was he born?

In Hong Kong.

5) What was the name of his university?


6) What was his net worth?

One billion USD. 

7) Why was Kullandar famous?

He was famous for digital currency. 

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