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[Updated] Instagram Instafest: How You Can Join It From Https Www? What Is Presented By This App? Know The Latest Details!

The article provides the details of Instagram Instafest and guides the users on creating their own music festival lineup and joining the trend

Have you heard of the latest Instafest app? If you are on Instagram, you must have seen people posting their choice of music lineup and sharing it with their friends. People Worldwide are making custom music festival lineups based on their go-to songs on Spotify.

However, if you open your Spotify app, you won’t find such features. We will provide you with the details of Instagram Instafest in this article. Stay tuned to learn more about it.


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What is the Instafest festival?

Recently, users on social media came across people posting their custom-made music lineups based on their most-played artists on Spotify and sharing them with their friends. People were thrilled to know about the feature, and they all started looking to create their custom-made music.

Spotify offers a huge range of features from time to time, and the music festival comes out from a free third-party app called Instafest.

Spotify Music Lineup- Presented By Instafest. App

The Spotify Music Festival lineup is making rounds, and since the feature rolled out, people have started making their custom-made music. Anyone with a Spotify account can make their favourite music lineup, even if users who do not have their own Spotify Account can create an account for free.

If you are looking for fun and want to join the music festival, create your list of music lineups or find out who is the most played artist on your Spotify, then check out the steps below on how to create your custom-made music line-up.

How can the users make their music line-up?

People can visit the Https Www Instafest App and select Sign in with Spotify. People who wish to enjoy this feature must have a Spotify account. You can create an account for free, and as Instafest looks at your listening data, one needs to keep streaming the app for a while before it can be made personal for you and your artists.

People also need to know that if they are not frequent music listeners, they may not get a three-day music lineup and can get only a single or a two-day music festival lineup. 

Steps to create your world of music festival

People can follow various steps to make their own Instagram Instafest music festival lineup. The first step is to enter your login details to the Spotify app, review all the privacy information and select Agree. The fourth step is to view your personalized music and customize them by scrolling down.

The users can change their music artist based on their past four weeks’ listening trend or six weeks or their all-time favourite artists. You can change the style of the graphic and can hide the Spotify username if you wish to.

How to Share Spotify Festival Lineup?

Once the users are set up with the Instagram Instafest music choice, it is time to show off your music taste to all. You can click on the Save and Share button below the Customize section and then the Download button to download your music list graphics. After the lineup is downloaded, people can manually share it on social media handles.

The users can also save the image and share it simultaneously to provide a view to the users of the personalized music festival.

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The music festival lineup is interesting; people can try it once through their Spotify app. The news of the Music Festival lineup spread like fire, and people seem to enjoy it. Have you created your music lineup? Comment below.

Instagram Instafest-FAQs

  1. What is Instafest?

It gives users a choice to create their own music lineup.

  1. Do the users need to have a Spotify app?

Yes, the Spotify app is mandatory to enjoy the feature.

  1. When did the users come to know about Instafest?

The users came to know about the feature a few days ago.

  1. Can the users share their lineup with their friends?


  1. Can the users customize the Spotify Instafest lineup?

Yes, the users get a customization option.

  1. Is Instafest a third-party app?

Yes, Instafest is a third-party app formed to create fun.

  1. Who is the developer of Instafest?

Anshay Saboo is the creator and developer of Instafest.

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