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Tarkov Wiki Streets: Check What Is In The New Patch Of The Game Escape From Tarkov Wiki

Read the Tarkov Wiki Streets article for more information about the updates in the Battlestate game.

If you are a player of the Battlestate game, have you heard of the recent update done on December 28th,2022? Are you searching for the details regarding the game? Do you want to learn how to escape from Tarkov street in the game? Then, read the complete article for clear information.

Battlestate game has earned a huge fanbase in the United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Canada, and Germany. After a thorough search, we found the desired news of Tarkov Wiki Streets. Go through the article for details.


What is the recent update of the Battlestate game?

Battlestate game is a game development studio for online computer games of multiplayer. The company’s flagship game is Battlestate. The developers released a recent Patch on the 28th of this month. Players are searching thoroughly on the internet to grab the information.

The update includes information about how to escape from attack in the streets of Tarkov. An extra part of the city is added. There are a few more added features in the Streets of Tarkov Wiki, which we shall discuss further.

Where does the new part add in Tarkov?

The developers wish to provide a wipe for players to escape from the city of Tarkov. To enhance the game’s ability, they added a new part to the city; such players find more space to escape. The new part got added at the intersection of Klimov street and Primorsky Avenue. The team says the update is only the first part of Tarkov street and still can expect to add more in the future.

How does the new part look inEscape From Tarkov Wiki?

Let us look at the new city features. The location contains a Pinewood hotel, an abandoned factory, a Car dealership, a News agency building, Concordia residential complex, a Terracot business center, a sparza supermarket, Cinema, and other items, which an urban infrastructure includes.


How does the new part look inEscape From Tarkov Wiki

 The map has a greater number of large infrastructures and few empty spaces. Players need to spare some time to learn it properly. The newly added map allows them to attack from the windows of the buildings when they move in the streets.

The Tarkov Wiki Streets update includes a few more enhancements for players. Players can upgrade their weapons using a repair kit. There is the addition of two different types of Armor and plate carriers. The two different Armor are:

  • Light Armor reduces mobility and uses them while repairing and protecting from damage by melee weapons when struck in Armor.
  • Heavy Armor reduces mobility penalty when direct damages occur to the Armor, and it is also used while repairing.
  • For all AK guns and AR-15 refiles, there is an additional GP-25 “Koystor” 40mm and M203 40mm for all family refiles in the update of Tarkov Wiki Streets.

Added a new weapon in the patch, Glock 19X. An SR-2M “Veresk” 9×21 submachine gun with SR-2MP upgrade kit and a revolver RSH-12 12.7X55. There are many more newly added features available. We will provide you with the official link for more information.

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To learn more about the map, press the Twitter link to find a video.


We feel pleased to share updated patch notes of the Battlestate game for escape from Tarkov. Click for more updates on the official link

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Tarkov Wiki Streets- FAQS

Q1. What is Battlestate Game?

Battlestate game is an online FPS multiplayer computer game.

Q2. What is the recent update?

The developers released a patch for players.

Q3. What does the patch state?

The patch includes a new map added to Tarkov city with a greater number of buildings with fewer open spaces.

Q4. When does the update released?

The update was released on December 28th, 2022.

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