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Frandroid Codes Netflix: Discover List Of Popular Codes, How To Redeem It!

In Frandroid Codes Netflix, we will discuss what it is, its benefits and disadvantages, and give some popular category codes you can access.

Are you aware of Frandroid codes? What are they? What is the purpose of such codes? Do you want some tips related to Netflix codes? Are you excited to know how you can access those codes?

People Worldwide have some common questions related to Frandroid Codes Netflix; let us discuss it in detail for the complete information.


What are Frandroid Codes?

In today’s time, no doubt we can watch a lot of visual content provided by Netflix. The categories, the series, film, and documentary releases on this platform are exceptional for being watched. The platform also offers a range of plans for its users. However, if you are a frequent user you want to access its content, there are secret codes that can help you access it. List of popular codes are mentioned further in the article. 

There are a few hints for Frandroid Codes Netflix, a service with few secrets but an initial appearance of transparency. As a result, service customers have direct access to comprehensive listings of films and TV shows that fall under various genres.

How can you access such codes?


How can you access such codes

The Frandroid codes are accessible only by using an internet browser. However, it still allows you to use an application for smartphones and TV. You just need to use the right combinations of genre codes.

Therefore, these codes are also helpful for people who prefer to watch their TV programs on smartphones. You may use Frandroid Codes Netflix on your application and follow the instructions as said article while using them. You must adhere to them as stated. Please refrain from misusing them.

What are the disadvantages of such codes?

  • You can access only a few genres.
  • Accessible only through an internet browser.
  • You might miss some popular categories because you need to know the codes.
  • Accessible to people who want to watch TV from their laptops or smartphones.

Some of the popular Frandroid Codes Netflix:

Crime TV Shows 26146
TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy 1372
Romantic Comedies 5475
Dark Comedies 869
Thrillers 8933
Action Fantasy 3307124
Gangster Films 31851
Courtroom Dramas 2748
Kids Animation 81331102
Anime & Anime-inspired 2233975
Biographical Documentaries 3652
History Documentaries 5349
Netflix exclusives 839338
Horror Films 8711

These are some of the codes that you can use to access content directly through your browser.

How to redeem these codes?

To redeem Frandroid Codes Netflix, you can enter the URL: codes

For example, suppose you want to access gangster films; you can type on your browser.


Netflix is a popular platform that usually does not offer promotional codes to its users. However, if you have a subscription, you can log in and use it. We have discussed here some of the Frandroid codes to use if anyone wants to access it from the web browser. In addition, you can click here to visit the official Netflix page.

Are you a Netflix subscriber? Make a comment about your favourite genre.

Frandroid Codes Netflix- FAQs

Q1. What are Frandroid Codes?

These special codes, if properly used, will take you to the popular categories of Netflix.

Q1. How can you use such codes?

You can access such codes only through the internet browser.

Q1. What are the steps to follow to access such codes?

You can use URLs, for example,, to watch history documentaries.

Q1. What are the disadvantages of such codes?

These codes are only useful if you know them and use them properly.

Q1. How to deactivate these codes?

Uninstall to deactivate these codes.

Q1. What are some popular Frandroid Codes Netflix?

Some codes are:

Mind-Bending Thrillers (8010)

Unusual films and series (1632671)

Kung Fu Films (12713)

Emotion series (25833)

Scary SF & Fantasy (5830)

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