How To Take Your Music to New Heights With Artist Push

Take Your Music to New Heights With Artist Push

Streaming platforms and social networks are of immeasurable importance to music today. The music industry today is in perfect matrimony with social media platforms. Most of the promotional methods in the industry today are digital. These methods have yielded better results than traditional ones. That’s why all music promotion technics on streaming or social are invaluable to music makers.

Music promotion and marketing are now more advanced than they used to be. It requires the skills and expertise of professional promoters like Artist Push. Promotional agencies provide artists with promo services and help popularize their music.

This post will highlight promotional services that each artist can benefit from. 

Valuable services offered by Artist Push

Modern artists looking to make their music viral need to use the right services. There are numerous social platforms today where their music can be heard. It is, however, crucial to employ capable hands to handle that. This post will highlight the services Artist push offers.

The services of Artist Push fall under three categories:

  • Music streaming promotion
  • Social Promotion
  • Personal Music Promotion

Music streaming Promotion

This category is concerned with promoting music on streaming platforms. We recognize the importance of having a powerful presence on Youtube or any other streaming platform. The services cut across: 

  • Spotify
  • Tidal, Amazon Prime, Mixcloud
  • YouTube and SoundCloud platforms.

Artist Push also offers playlist placement services where they can add artists’ songs to the most popular playlists.

Perks of this service

  • Increase in follower count (real and active followers).
  • Followers from different locations.
  • Increase in reach and fan base.
  • Increase in the number of plays.
  • Improvement in chart position.
  • Attract promoters

Social media promotion

The Social media community has the most population of internet users and music lovers. Artists need to reach this community with their music. We have tailored our social promotion services to help artists build a social media presence. These services include

  • promotion on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok
  • Resident Advisor event promotion
  • Music blogs placement 
  • Artist Push also provides artists with music promotion guides

Benefits of this service

  • Increase in engagements
  • Increase in followers
  • Improving reach
  • Creative contents
  • Exposure to millions of audience
  • Increase in streaming numbers
  • Presence on big music blogs
  • Provision of promotion guides to achieving desirable outcomes.

Personal music promotion

This service category is designed to help artists achieve personal goals. Promotional promotion services aim to improve charting and ranking positions. The benefits under this category include

  • promotion on iTunes and Beatport
  • Hip-Hop promotion
  • Charst positioning 

Extras of this service

  • Get music into top positions on the iTunes music chart.
  • Earn vital followers on iTunes.
  • Get artists and their music into popular Top50 and Top 100 charts.

The role of digital marketing cannot be overstated in today’s music industry. Artists willing to reach big audiences around the world must invest in promotion. In addition, they must improve their numbers to earn a respectable position in the industry. Promotional entities like Artist Push can help them reach these goals.

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