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Robert Gordon Musician Cause Of Death Is Cancer? How Did He Die Explained Also Know Obituary, Funeral, Wiki!

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Robert Gordon. Also, know about Robert Gordon Musician Cause of Death Cancer.

Robert Ira Gordon was a famous vocalist in the United States. He was born on 29th March 1947 in Bethesda, Maryland. He topped the list of 100 twice during his career. He appeared in films and TV shows. To his credit, he had seven international albums, one compilation, four live albums, and eleven studio albums.

Unfortunately, Robert Gordon passed away on 18th October 2022. Let’s learn about Robert Gordon Musician Cause of Death Cancer.


What was the cause of the death of Robert Gordon?

Robert Gordon had cancer. He had Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) of blood cells. 

His last album was released in 2020, the final album is coming out in November 2022, and the fundraising page created in September 2022 gives us a clue that Robert Gordon was able to battle AML before the second quarter of 2022. Approximately from July 2022, Robert Gordon was aggressively suffering from AML.

AML is a type of cancer that starts in the bone marrow and eventually spreads in the blood. AML includes the possibility of spreading to the brain, liver, spinal cord, spleen, Etc. 

How Did He Die?

Robert Gordon died on 18th October 2022 after a long battle with AML. AML affects the normal production of red and white blood cells. As a result, the individual feels tired; bruising marks appear on the skin, shortness of breath, and bleeding.

Finally, Robert Gordon rests in peace. The information about his demise was made public on Tuesday by Matt Green (Vice President Of Acquisitions – Cleopatra Records). Cleopatra Records crew closely worked with Robert Gordon during his last days as the music company was releasing his ‘Hellafied’ album.

What is AML, Robert Gordon Musician Cause of Death Cancer?

AML is cancer originating in bone marrow. The causes of AML are smoking, radiation, myelodysplastic syndrome, benzene exposure, and previous chemotherapy treatment. Though the first line of treatment for AML is chemotherapy, other alternatives, such as stem cell transplant, are also considered.

The family members of Robert Gordon did not confirm his death or the schedule of his last rites. The exact date of AML’s diagnosis in Robert Gordon, his treatment, and hospitalization was also not informed.

Ongoing fundraising for Robert:

However, a public fundraising page was launched on 25th September 2022 on before Robert Gordon Musician Cause of Death Cancer, by three of his family members – Marylee Gordon, Jackie Gordon Spalding, and Melissa Gordon Uram. Paul Schmidt from Lindenhurst, NY, is the Organizer of the funding request, and MaryLee Gordon is the Beneficiary.

The information mentioned on the fundraising page suggested that Robert Gordon was aggressively battling with AML. The page requested his fans to donate money to be utilized for Robert Gordon’s treatment. The page with the heading ‘Help Robert Gordon Defeat Myeloid Leukemia’ received thousands of views. 

As of writing, the fundraising request accumulated $15,989 (target to get $20K in donations) with a contribution from 185 donors. 

Additional clues on Robert Gordon Musician Cause of Death Cancer:

Robert Gordon’s last studio album ‘Rockabilly for Life’ was released in 2020. His album ‘Hellafied’ is scheduled to be released next month. In ‘Hellafied’ Robert Gordon performed with Chris Spedding, a British guitarist. Further, Robert Gordon had to cancel his tour in July 2022 due to AML.

Personal life of Robert Gordon:

Robert Gordon was brought up in Washington, DC. He loved music from childhood. At the age of nine, he was inspired by the song ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ by Elvis Presley. 

He studied at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in Bethesda, MD, and started music performance at the age of 15 years. Robert Gordon Musician Cause of Death Cancer was shocking for his fans.

In 1964, Robert Gordon joined the Confidentials music group. In 1970, he joined Tuff Darts, a punk rock music group. His talent gained attention while practising with Tuff Darts and came to be noticed by Richard Gottehrer (record producer). Soon, they were speaking about making an album. 

He was offered to perform with Link Wray (a legendary guitarist). Their performance in their first album was appreciated such that when they reunited to create their second album, it made a piece of trending news. Let’s check more about Robert Gordon Musician Cause of Death Cancer further. 

On 11th March 1978 edition of Billboard magazine with the eye-catching heading ‘Robert Gordon, the new voice of Rock and Roll, and Link Wray, the legendary guitarist, are together again!’

Robert Gordon emerges as a singer, songwriter, recording artist, screenwriter, actor, vocalist, musician, and neo-rockabilly singer.

Robert Gordon initially got married in 1967 and got divorced in 1975. He had two kids – Anthony and Jessie from his first marriage. Robert Gordon later married Mary Lee in 1995. 

Famous Works of Robert Gordon:

  • Red Hot, Private Stock, 1977.
  • It’s Only Make Believe, RCA, 1979.
  • Walk On By, RCA, 1979.
  • Someday Someway, RCA, 1981.

If you want to know more details about Robert’s death, please check this video link.

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Robert Gordon Musician Cause of Death Cancer – FAQs:

1 – When did Robert Gordon die?

Robert Gordon passed away on Tuesday, 18th October 2022.

2 – What was the age of Robert Gordon?

Robert Gordon was 75 years, 6 months, and 21 days old.

3 – How much is the net worth of Robert Gordon?

Robert Gordon’s net worth is approximately $10 million.

4 – What was his primary source of income?

Robert Gordon initially earned from Private Stock, RCA Records labels, and his performance.

5 – What was the Zodiac and Horoscope of Robert Gordon?

Robert Gordon was an Aries by zodiac and Aquarius by horoscope.

6 – What was Robert Gordon Musician Cause of Death Cancer?

Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a type of cancer, caused the death of Robert Gordon.

7 – When did Robert Gordon start his career in the music industry?

In 1976-77 with guitarist Link Wray in a Private Stock record.

8 – What is Robert Gordon’s last album?

‘Hellafied’ is Robert Gordon’s final album, released in November 2022.

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