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Sunrise Debt Collector Scam: Explore Detailed Reviews Here

We bring to you details of tricks used by collection agencies to gain access to payment information in this Reviews of the Sunrise Debt Collector Scam.

Did you receive collection calls from Sunrise Debt Collector, a legitimate and registered Account Receivables Management(ARM) agency in the United States? Were they able to provide a drill-down analysis of overdue amounts? Let’s check the ongoing phishing attempts of Sunrise since July/2023 in this Reviews of the Sunrise Debt Collector Scam.

About Sunrise Debt Collector Scam:

Sunrise Credit Services Inc is a genuine and reputed debt collection agency launched on 21/September/1975. It has been in business for the past 48-years, 1-month, and 18-days. Owing to its long-term presence in the financial market, it expanded its business by launching NetTel USA Inc, Sunrise Capital Management, and The Sunrise Family of Companies University (SFCU). All its family entities are into providing financial services specific to ARM.

But, in mid-2023, customers started receiving calls from Sunrise Debt Collector for overdue amounts they never owned. Additionally, the information about Sunrise Debt Collector reporting outstanding amounts of customers to Credit Bureau started appearing on customers’ credit reports. 

Sunrise Debt Collector Reviews:

A Redditor wrote that his score dropped by a whopping 60 points due to Sunrise Debt Collector reporting overdue to Credit Bureaus!

In such a situation, the customers were bound to callback Sunrise Debt Collector to get the details of their overdue amounts and information about the company they need to pay. However, Sunrise Debt Collector could not provide a drill-down about the due amount. Instead, Sunrise Debt Collector representatives pitched in to collect the credit card details of the customers to post an authorization charge of $1 under the banner of verifying the customer’s particulars.

This was the plot of the recent Sunrise Credit Services Scam! 

Plot of the Sunrise Debt Collector Scam:

When the customers questioned why they needed to provide credit card details, the representative said they needed to run a credit check. The customers were annoyed as they did not want to pay $1 for running a credit check, which actually does not require an authorization amount to be placed on the credit card. The credit check can be done with the customer’s personal details, such as name, address, and SSN.

The representative informed that $1 is towards the expense of doing business! If the customers provide their credit card information, it will be on Sunrise Debt Collector’s database. 

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The future plans cluing the Sunrise Debt Collector Scam:

Collecting credit card details could lead to unauthorized charges being placed on customers’ accounts in the feature under the banner of overdue/collections for which Sunrise Debt Collector may not be able to provide drill-down or at least inform customers about the company they owe the amount to.

Customers reported receiving follow-up calls from:









951-846-7424, and

973-321-1795 to 973-321-1808.

Why is Sunrise Credit Services directly hurting customer’s credit scores without contacting the customers? Under these circumstances, several Redditors posted the operations of Sunrise Credit Services as a Sunrise Debt Collector Scam. Sunrise Credit Services gained 1/5 stars from 57 BBB customers reviews and 3/5 stars from 223+ online reviews.

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Sunrise Credit Services wants my credit card number so they can charge me $1 to verify if the collection they have against me is fraudulent or not…
byu/bullman3334 inCRedit

Sunrise Services and fraudulent collection account is a nightmare
byu/bullman3334 inCRedit


Customers had to call back Sunrise Debt Collector to know about overdue reports to Credit Bureaus. Instead of calling the customers first to check if they could pay the outstanding amount, Sunrise Debt Collector also attempted to charge the customer’s credit card directly and reported overdue to Credit Bureaus. In several cases, details of the amount owned were not given.

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