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Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere to know about Stratx It Solutions Scam. Also, learn how scammers are taking advantage of its recent merger.

Stratx IT Solutions is a genuine business targeted by bold scammers from the United States. Stratx IT Solutions provides IT solutions for households and businesses, which includes Point-to-Point Wireless, Computer Services, Cell Phone Signal Boosters, Wired Networks, and Video Services. 

Did you know it became a victim of a high-profile scam? Did you come across any message related to Stratx IT Solutions? So, let’s check facts behind Stratx It Solutions Scam.


About Stratx IT Solutions:

Stratx IT Solutions LLC was launched in 1986. Sixteen employees rated it at 3.5/5-stars; on Facebook, it gained a 5-star rating from two reviews. The company had 46+ employees. But, employee retention trend showed a 33% decline in past year and a 66% decline in 2023. The company had a turnover between $10 million to $50 million.

It is a lesser-known fact that Anatomy IT Services and Consultancy has taken over Stratx IT Solutions recently! Stratx IT Solutions is located at 14 7th Ave N #201, St Cloud, MN 56303; accounted in Stratx It Solutions Reviews. However, after getting merged with Anatomy IT, its address now references to headquarters of Anatomy IT, which is at 10 New King Street, White Plains, New York, United States.

Stratx IT Solutions is used to provide IT solutions to households and businesses. But Anatomy IT is specifically focused on IT solutions for healthcare industry.

Scam under name of Stratx IT Solutions:

At beginning of July/2023, a few social media posts came up to take advice about job offers at Stratx IT Solutions. Redditors reported receiving an email with a job offer from Mrs. Janelle Harden, who introduced herself as an HR Manager; considered to check about Stratx It Solutions Scam.

The Redditor reported they had applied for a job at Stratx IT Solutions. The email advised applicants to install Bamboohr app and Signal app to schedule an interview timing. Bamboohr is an HR provider, and Signal app is similar to Whatsapp and Zoom.

The Plot:

The scam came to light as several Redditors reported receiving same email. But, it seemed to be a scam as job profile for a data entry operator offered $24.95 per hour. Furthermore, Janelle said the job would be remote, and company would deposit $4,000 in applicant’s account to buy necessary equipment, which clued about Stratx It Solutions Scam.

For depositing money, HR requested applicants to send their bank account details for initiating a wire transfer. A few Redditors informed that they were selected in interview and they were supposed to onboard immediately the next day. But, none received further communication and no work was allocated.

Basis of suspicion:

Moreover, Stratx IT Solutions requires executives to resolve IT issues by visiting client’s site. It is because the job involves fixing network connections, installing hardware and applications, Etc., which cannot be done remotely. It must be noted that unlike in Stratx It Solutions Scam, no company will offer to deposit $4K initially into employee’s account as most companies would prefer to send required equipment. It is because companies gets its inventories in bulk at huge discounts.

Poor update on merger:

A few people got scammed, and a few waited for advice and monitored trends to avoid getting scammed. It must be noted that there is confusion about merger of Stratx IT Solutions with Anatomy IT. On, no such information was posted. did not update head office address and phone number of Anatomy IT, a highlight of Stratx It Solutions Scam.

It was only through Stratx IT Solutions’s LinkedIn updates that information about Stratx IT Solutions merging with Anatomy IT was known. Though Stratx IT Solutions is now a part of Anatomy IT, it is still referred to by its origin name due to its long existence. So, people are still unaware that Anatomy IT HR team should interview them.

Mismanagement of job postings:

A few Redditors were on alert as job websites still allowed Stratx IT Solutions to post job requirements, through which people are still applying for an interview. However, the job requirement was recently taken down from job portals, as determined in Stratx It Solutions Reviews. Some Redditors reported that Janelle advised them to buy equipment from their official vendors, which is unusual and tedious. 

Parties involved:

It also needs to be noted that HR Manager did not direct applicants to fill in their details on official website – Instead, whole interview process involved Bamboohr and Signal apps. Interview process was verbal over the video call, indicating that no confirmation about appointment was sent in writing.

When a few applicants responded to email offering a job, they responded to an email containing a link. The Stratx It Solutions Scam link was encrypted, but it took control of user’s devices to open Bamboohr app. People who did not had the app on their devices may be curious to install it. 

The exact job profile was unrevealed. Therefore, it is difficult to verify if applicants were interviewed for the post they had applied on job sites. It is unknown if Mrs. Janelle Harden is a genuine HR (or) faked her identity.

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The non-confirmation after video interview, which busted Stratx It Solutions Scam. People who applied for company jobs received job invites from Bamboohr, upfront transfer of amount was offered; neither Stratx IT Solutions nor Anatomy IT posted any clarifications about trending news. Hence, it is unknown if Bamboohr is an HR consultant for either of the companies.

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Stratx It Solutions Scam – FAQ

1Q. How to verify if job postings (or) an online interview call from Stratx IT Solutions is genuine?

You can send an email to to verify job postings.

2Q. How to avoid Stratx IT Solutions job scams?

Do not inform about your payment, personal, and PIIs.

3Q. Where are job postings listed for Anatomy IT?

Click here to access Anatomy IT career pages(

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