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Solarmy NFT (Sep 2021) Know Unique Features About It!

Confused about selecting the best NFT game on the internet? Please read the article about the Solarmy NFT and how it is different from the other NFT games.

Does invest in cryptocurrency give you a hard time because of the lack of information on the internet? Many cryptocurrencies and NFT video games are active in countries like Turkey, the United States, and other parts of the world but are they worth investing your money?

In this article, we will talk about the Solarmy NFT, which has just been released recently, along with its important facts that every investor and user should know about. 

What is Solarmy?

If you are interested in playing NFT, then Solarmy gives its user an experience of 2D and 3D NFT soldiers. Yes, with its 2D and 3D experience, you can enjoy the game and its gameplay. Solarmy is an NFT game that is about limited battalions of soldiers. 

It is supported by Solana blockchain, in which you can collect unique collectible items, and you can also enjoy many benefits when you get the premium membership of Solarmy. 

Who is the founder/ CEO of Solarmy NFT?

The founder/CEO of this NFT game is not mentioned on their official website nor the internet. However, don’t worry because we like to keep the article updated to get updated information about the Solarmy only then will they be able to plan.

About Solarmy Drop 

The Solarmy has a partnership with Raydium for their drop on the dropzone platform. In the fall, you will know about the supply, price, and other information about the NFT. The Solarmy has given an offer for the user who will participate in the Solarmy NFT drop like:

  • The users will receive a randomized 2D or 3D soldier. 
  • The package of the drop includes a full-scale image of the solider, either in 2D or 3D. Well, the soldier will be randomly given to you. 
  • According to the stats, the first drop of Solarmy contains 9999 soldiers, 4999 2D, 4999 3D, and 1 ultra-unique soldier (Limited Edition).
  • 5% of the profits from the drop goes straight to the charity. 50% goes to the SASFA, and 50% goes to the Sabot Foundation. 

What makes Solarmy different from other NFTs?

The best thing about Solarmy NFT is the 2D and 3D characters that the users can enjoy, along with thousands of different characters with different characteristics that makes this game more enjoyable and unique from other NFTs present on the internet. 

Some of the characters names of the Solarmy game are:

  • Human- Mickey Nullrank
  • Mantis- Dyaka 
  • Robot-Rusty 
  • Alien- Ajali 
  • Plants- Jars 

What are Future Soldiers?

Future soldiers are the characters that will launch after the drop of this NFT game. All the information related to the fall will be available on the official site like the Finalize Art, Smart Contracts, and other information. The drop was launched on 29th September at 14:00 UTC, and you can join it just by having access to the Soldier DAO. 

Solarmy NFT and its FAQs 

  • Q1: when was the drop for Solarmy launched?
  • A: According to the official website, the drop of Solarmy was launched on 29th September 2021. You can check the official site to know more about the NFT.
  • Q2: how many soldiers are there in the drop of Solarmy?
  • A: You will find around 9999 soldiers in the drop distributed in 2D and 3D. 

Final Opinion

In the end, we can say that in the race of NFT and cryptocurrencies, there is a chance that Solarmy NFT can be in the top line after few months of their release. You can take an experience of this game by yourself and then make your plan to invest.  If you are a user of this NFT game, tell us about your favorite character in the comment box. 

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