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Please peruse this article to learn about Yummi NFT, a newly released project involving collecting and trading digital anime characters, based on Naru.

Did you love gathering anime cards in your childhood? Were Pokemon and Digimon amongst your favorite collections? Would not it be wonderful if you get the opportunity to possess and trade these animated characters in the form of NFTs? If yes, then you are at the right place. 

In today’s write-up, we have mentioned facts about Yummi NFT, a newly launched project about virtual animated characters. Crypto enthusiasts worldwide, especially in the United States, are keen to learn about this recent initiative. 

What is Yummi?

Yummi is a newly released portal where anime characters are available as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), which the users can collect and trade in the marketplace. The characters are based on Naru, a virtual creature sold in the form of stationery items at the HungryNaru e-shop. The developers shall also create cards as collectibles, inspired by the Pokemon, Moshi, and Digimon, which were popular video games in the 90s, along with their collectibles.

The Yummi NFT team has collaborated with Hungry Naru to launch various artworks of Naru in a three-dimensional form. Each pattern shall have an unboxed and boxed edition, apart from Trading Cards. Some of the Yummi collections are The Burger Buddies and Sundae Swap. The developers recently airdropped ten thousand distinct combinations on 29 September 2021. 

Founders of Yummi

The Yummi team consists of three individuals who also planned the design for HungryNaru. However, their names are not available on the official portal. They have grown up collecting anime cards and were enthusiastic about cryptocurrency. Thus, after HungryNaru gained popularity in 2020, the Yummi founders wanted to combine NFTs and Naru. 

Price of Yummi NFT

The owners set the initial price of one Yummi as 40 ADA. This makes the latest cost of 1 Yummi equal to $83.68, as the price of 1 ADA today is $2.0920. As the price of Yummi is proportional to that of ADA, its rate will fluctuate with the valuation of this crypto token. 

Digital and Physical Yummi Trading Cards

The team recently concluded the first season of airdrops for launching the Yummi Trading Cards. The categories of Naru characters were Cute and Stabby, Dab On ‘Em, Extra Love, Tough Love, etc. The team fixed the total number of cards available in each category at two hundred. 

In addition to Yummi NFT, the developers also produced real-life Yummi trading cards, similar to the Pokemon cards, which kids of former generations passionately collected. The developers also gave the physical cards as rewards to those users who bought all the NFT collectibles in the first season. 

How Proactive is the Yummi Team on Social Media?

The developers of this project have a social media profile on Twitter, where they regularly update their latest information. The team has mentioned each course of action explicitly on the page for the users’ convenience. 

For example, after the developers completed the Yummi NFT 10K drop, they posted that all the NFTs were sold out and requested the users to stop sending further payments. The developers ensure updating their profile with all the required details regarding the NFTs, including upcoming ideas. 

The Concluding Thoughts

The Yummi team has many developmental plans that they would launch shortly, such as Yummi merchandise such as plushies and homewares, over a hundred new Yummi characters, physical figurines made of vinyl, etc. You can view Yummi Universe’s Twitter page  to get the current updates. 

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