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Sneako Girlfriend Instagram: What Happened to Sneako? Explore Full Details On His Girlfriend Name, And Twitter Post

This article on Sneako Girlfriend Instagram was written to give you a piece of brief information on Sneako.

Who is Sneako? Have you heard about him before? Why is everyone talking about him all of a sudden? Are you willing to get some more information about him? People from the United States are searching for him lately. Are you one of them? If yes, you have ended up at the right place, as all the details about Sneako will be given below. To know more about Sneako Girlfriend Instagram kindly read this article with your utmost attention till the very end. 


Who is Sneako? 

Nico Kenn De Balinthazy who is also known as Sneako was born on September 8, 1988. Sneako is an American Youtuber who is known for his motivational videos. Besides this, he also does live streams and reuploaded clips. He is one of those content creators who has won many people’s hearts just through his videos. He has also done some songs which are highly loved by his fans. He began his music and youtube career in 2013, where first he uploaded his gaming videos. 

What Happened to Sneako?

The famous singer and YouTuber are known for his songs and motivational videos. He posted his motivational videos where he discussed life issues and much more which brought him fame and popularity. Later, he started a series known as One Minute Podcast. Sneako currently has 1.22 million subscribers on youtube. Unfortunately, sneako was banned from Youtube as he was accused of breaking community guidelines constantly. As per sources, not only did he get banned but the streamer become infamous for his friendship with Andrew Tate. There were many controversial statements created after this issue about his cerebral health. 

Sneako Girlfriend Name and more 

Why is everyone searching for Sneako’s girlfriend? The famous singer is coming into the limelight lately due to his recent relationship status. Who is Sneako dating? Sneako has been in an open relationship since 2021. According to the latest news, Sneako is now Single and has not been linked to anyone. His girlfriend’s name was Maria Elizondo. She has 416k followers on Instagram. Many other sites are spreading rumors about his relationship status therefore we advise you not to chase any false information. It would be inappropriate to pronounce anything without having any real information. Many rumors are been formed about Sneako Girlfriend Instagram and much more. You will be updated with the latest information over time. 

More information about Sneako 

There are variour rumors being spread about Sneako and his personal life. Sneako remains relatively quiet when it comes to his dating life. He might not be dating anyone but can be seeing someone in private, not many details have been mentioned anywhere so it’s hard to say anything. Sneako has never been married therefore he has no children, and not much information has been found about his past relationships. How old is he? Sneako was born on 8 September 1988 You can read more about him on Sneako Twitter


Sneako is a famous singer, who has been through many controversies till now. Sneako managed to gain a lot of followers at a very young age, whereas he also lost many when his youtube channel was banned. To know more click on this link

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Sneako Girlfriend Instagram FAQs 

Q1. Who is Sneako? 

Sneako is a content creator and a singer. 

Q2. Is he single? 

Yes, he is single. 

Q3. Does he have children?


Q4. Is he married? 


Q5. How old is he? 

He was born on September 8, 1988. 

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