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[Full Video Link] 3 Girls 1 Cat Full Video-Why Is It Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram And Twitter? Read!

This article provides information on the 3 Girls 1 Cat Full Video and tells the netizens’ reactions to the incident.

Do you want to know about the video about 3 girls and 1 cat trending on the internet? Recently, a video of 3 girls torturing a cat got viral on the internet, and the Philippines readers are looking forward to knowing about it. 

If you want to know everything related to the 3 Girls 1 Cat Full Video, read the article until the end. 


What is the content of the 3 girls 1 cat video?

In the video, it is seen that 3 girls are playing with a cat. However, the girls stomped on the kitten in the end until she died. 

The 3 girls and cat video Viral On Reddit

The video was recorded in 2015, but it recently got viral on different platforms. The users can find the links on Reddit and other websites. However, the video got deleted on some platforms because of inappropriate content. 

The video made some noise among the internet users as everyone was disturbed after watching the full segment. At first, the video seems cute and fun-loving, but in the last section, the 3 girls killed the girl by stomping her continuously. 

Who are the girls in the video?

Everyone is asking for the identities of the 3 girls in the video on Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. However, no one knows about their identities or social media accounts.

All netizens are searching on the internet to get their hands on the girl’s identities so that the police can take strict action against them. 

Where was the video first posted?

The video was posted on TikTok in 2015. It made some headlines, but now it got re-viral again. As the video is trending on the internet, the netizens are upset about the act and want to complain to an animal protection organization. 

It is believed that the video was recorded at some place in the Philippines at someone’s house. 

Reaction of Netizen

The reactions are mixed on the internet as some people found the video cute and heartwarming. However, most people think the video shouldn’t be available on the internet like Instagram or YouTube, and the authorities should take strict action against the girls.

There are 2 versions of the video. The first version is when the girls are playing with the kitten and hugging her. However, in the second version, the girls stomped on her and killed the kitten. 

Did the police take any action?

The video was made in 2015, but the police took no action on the incident. As the video gets viral again, all the users demand action against the 3 girls who killed the kitten. The users post their opinions about the incident on YouTube and other platforms. 

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Final Words 

The internet users are looking for the identities of the 3 girls in the video. Let’s see what actions will be taken by the police.

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3 Girls 1 Cat Full Video– FAQs

1: What is the name of the girls?

A: No information is mentioned.

2: Where is the video recorded?

A: The video is recorded at someone’s house. 

3: Where is the video available?

A: The video is available on Telegram, Reddit, and other websites.

4: What is the breed of the kitten?

A: No information is available.

5: How many girls are seen in the video?

A: 3

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