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Sleep Token Fall For Me (Sep) Know The latest Updates!

Please read this write-up to learn about Sleep Token Fall For Me, the band’s latest heavy metal song under the album This Place Will Become Your Tomb.

Are you a music lover? Are you passionate about the heavy metal genre? Do you listen to bands that produce progressive metal numbers? If yes, you must be a die-hard fan of Sleep Token. You also must have heard about their latest album and songs release. 

Please read this news report, in which we have stated facts related to the band, their unique and mysterious way of presenting themselves, and Sleep Token Fall For Me, whose premiere has been recently released Worldwide.

What is Sleep Token?

Sleep Token is a music band hailing from London that creates songs of the heavy metal genres like alternative metal and progressive metalcore. The members are seen in their songs wearing masks and do not reveal their identity. In all their references, they claim to worship ‘Sleep.’

Formed in 2016, they have composed several singles like Calcutta, Nazareth, Jaws, and Alkaline. They have also created albums, namely Sundowning, released in November 2019, and This Place Will Become Your Tomb, to be released this month. One of the songs of the latest album, known as Sleep Token Fall For Me, was recently released on 17 September 2021. 

Who is ‘Sleep’?

According to the members of Sleep Token, ‘Sleep’ is a prehistoric deity, whom Vessel, the band’s lead singer, once dreamt about. In the dream, the deity promised Vessel fame and splendor if they followed Him. The band members conceal their identities as they want their listeners and viewers to focus on the message they are spreading through their songs, not on their looks.  

About the Sleep Token Songs

The Sleep Token members’ songs belong to the heavy metal category, such as the Sleep Token Fall For Me. There is a distinct style in all the pieces that mesmerizes their fans, as evident from their comments on social media. The music is a serene combination of their voices, instruments, and computerized notations, resonating to create musical numbers. 

The lyrics of the songs focus on the fact that everything in the world is going to end one day, like the banner on their social media profile that mentions Nothing Lasts Forever. Their only aim is to worship ‘Sleep’ and convey their profound subconscious thoughts to the audience via their compositions. 

Sleep Token Fall For Me

Fall For Me is the newly released song of Sleep Token in the album This Place Will Become Your Tomb. The song’s audio was released on 16 September 2021, crossing over a thousand views in one day. The video version has released on 17 September 2021. 

The song’s lyrics are about the singers asking for their beloveds to fall for them in a city where everything is morose and ending, using words like ‘burning cathedrals’ and ‘fractured existence’. They also tried to emote the deep feelings of humans by mentioning ‘insecurities’ in Sleep Token Fall For Me.

Tour Plans of Sleep Token

The band was to attend the Knotfest scheduled in 2020, but it got canceled owing to the Covid-19 scenario. Presently, they have announced their tour in the United Kingdom in November 2021. The tickets and tour itinerary are available on their official portal. One can also get information about their tours from their social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 


Sleep Token is a unique band that emphasizes their worshipping of the deity Sleep. The motto of the band is the non-permanence of each element of this planet. Through Sleep Token Fall For Me, they want to communicate their thoughtful messages to the world. You can view Sleep Token’s Facebook page to find out more about this interesting band. 

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