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Token Hkun (September 2021) How To Buy? Contract Address

Are you new in the crypto market? This post will give a piece of information about Token Hkun and its statistics.

Do you want to play online games with earning digital currency? This post is for you that would give you a direction and connect you with the right podium.

We all want to do something from home to stay active and motivated in this pandemic time. There are so many platforms available online Worldwide by which we can do the same. Also, we can earn some amount.

We are telling you about Token Hkun that reflected the perk of choice, play and earn the game.

What is Hakuna Matata?

Hakuna Matata is an online game based on Binance Smart Chain, with the non-fungible token marketplace. They provide so many features like charity donation, play and earn coin burn, and so on.

Hakuna Matata is basically connected with BEP 20 standard on Binance Smart Chart. Here it is serving extra functionality like that you can send your Token Hkun to different places like blockchain and some other place.

It has a motive to develop the coin to prepare a widespread consensus on the particular of economic independency also has a different ecosystem for the charity in Worldwide.

A Few Words about Hkun

Hkun is the ticker symbol of Hakuna Matata. It is used for token place. They believe in the compilation of the investment and donation. Its holder can get a 5% BUSD reward at the time of purchase and get 8% BSUD rewards at the time of selling.

To learn more about the Token Hkun, we have to go through the statistics and other points, so let us check the points for the same.

Who Founded Hakuna Matata?

We are elaborating here the team details. Ziad Ahmed is the Founder/CEO of the company while Rofan Ali is CIO, Ahmad Jabarkhil is CFO, and the company’s CSO is Gino Firaza.

Let us have a look at the price, market supply and other statistics of the token.

Today’s Token Hkun Price

The live price of the Hkun coin is not visible anywhere, so please wait till it arrives on the actual pages. Here we have a motive to provide the exact information for our learners, so stay tuned till the end.

Hkun Coin Market Supply and Other Statistics

  • Contract Addess: 0xbb2fa5b2d19209f4cf50cf745efc32641a7c9fb1.
  • Total Token Supply: 10 Billion $HKUN.
  • Presale Allocation: 500 BNB
  • Token Type: BSC BEP20
  • Purchase Method: BNB Smartchain
  • Whitelist podium: DX sale
  • Whitelist Allocation: 2,000 BNB
  • At Buying: 5% BUSD, 4% BURN, 1% Charity, 2% Marketing and 3% LP Feedback.
  • On Selling: 8% BUSD, 4% BURN, 1% Charity, 2% Marketing and 3% LP Feedback. 
  • Today’s Token Hkun Price: Not Available
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 HKUN.
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap: $0.00.
  • Holders: 15,777 addresses.
  • Transfers: 16,154.
  • Social Profiles: Available
  • Market Cap: Not Available.

Hkun Token Price Prediction

Predicting the prices can give an idea to the traders for the future investment, but presently there is no list available in the form of future price prediction. It is also due to the absence of today’s price.

Traders can wait till today’s coin price and prediction reach on the right podium. Let us check how we can purchase these coins.

Where to Buy Token Hkun?

Step 1: You can create a wallet or install the trust wallet.

Step 2: Now, you can add your Hkun Coin to your wallet.

Step 3: You can purchase the BNB.

Step 4: Now swap the BNB from $HKUN. Ready to invest in crypto.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. What is the launched date of Hakuna Matata?

Ans1. On 15/09/2021.

Q.2. What is the website of Hkun?

Ans2. Official Portal

Q.3. What is the contract address?

Ans3. Contract Address: 0xbb2fa5b2d19209f4cf50cf745efc32641a7c9fb.


Finally, we can say that the given information about Token Hkun is significantly less, so wait for more points. And be careful as this market have many sinusoidal waves.

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