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Simulator Bomb Crypto (Jan 2022) Prediction & How To Buy?

This guide below covers the complete information of Simulator Bomb Crypto to help the readers know about the world’s first self-destructing cryptocurrency.

BOMB crypto is the world’s initial self-destructing virtual crypto token. Players select a hero to join in a bombing fight with a large number of other players. 

To engage in fight mode, participants across Morocco, the Philippines, Brazil, Thailandand worldwide must pay a set quantity of the crypto tokens. The final winner receives the complete loser’s crypto token amount. 

While playing battle mode, Bomber Hero will lose a set quantity of energy. Also, find details of Simulator Bomb Crypto in the guide below.

What is the BOMB Crypto token?

BOMB, as it describes as the initial self-destructing virtual currency across the world. It is a financial case study and social experiment that aims to determine whether a deflationary currency is feasible or not.

It is intended to be utilized as a long-term hedging and decentralized asset management tool against standard inflationary instruments instead of everyday transactions.

Who founded the BOMB Crypto token? 

We could not locate any information associated with the BOMB crypto token. You may check BOMB crypto’s official online crypto platform to know more about its founders and creators. 

Price chart of Simulator Bomb Crypto:

  • Price- 1.69 USD
  • 24 Hours low- 1.47 USD 
  • 24 Hours High- 1.93 USD
  • 24 Hours Volume- 332 898 USD
  • All-time High- 14.06 USD
  • All-time Low- 0.1673 USD
  • Market Cap- 1 646 148 USD
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap- 1 651 186 USD
  • Circulating Supply- 896 074.00 BOMB tokens
  • Maximum Supply- Not Available
  • Total Supply- 896 862 BOMB tokens.
  • Market Rank- #1736
  • Contract Address- 0x1C95b093d6C236d3EF7c796fE33f9CC6b8606714

BOMB to USD conversion rate:

  • 1 Simulator Bomb Crypto = 1.69 USD
  • 2 BOMB = 3.39 USD
  • 3 BOMB = 5.08 USD
  • 4 BOMB = 6.78 USD
  • 5 BOMB = 8.48 USD
  • 10 BOMB = 16.96 USD
  • 20 BOMB = 33.91 USD
  • 50 BOMB = 84.78 USD
  • 100 BOMB = 169.57 USD

Price Prediction and Statics of BOMB Crypto token:

BOMB crypto token can be a beneficial investment strategy if you search for digital currencies with a high return. 

On November 29, 2021, the price of a BOMB crypto token was approximately 1.696 USD. You will receive about 58.964 BOMB crypto tokens if you purchase BOMB for one hundred USD. 

Long-term growth of Simulator Bomb Crypto is projected, with a price projection of about 9.122 USD for November 21, 2026.

The income is expected to be somewhere more than 437.85 percent after a five-year investment. In 2026, your current one hundred USD purchase may be worth about 537.85 USD.

Is the BOMB crypto token a good investment?

Currently, the price of BOBM tokens is about 1.69 USD, with about 332 898 USD trading volume in the past 24 hours.

It ranks #1736 over the crypto market with about 896 074.00 BOMB tokens circulating supply and a total of about 896 862 Simulator Bomb Crypto tokens.   

Where to buy the BOMB crypto token?

If you are interested in trading BOMB crypto tokens, Switcheo Network, Mercatox, and Hotbit are currently among the few most active cryptocurrency exchanges.

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the all-time high of BOMB crypto tokens?

  1. The all-time high of BOMB crypto tokens is around 14.06 USD.

Q- What is the all-time low of BOMB crypto tokens?  


BOMB has been listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges, but it cannot be bought directly using fiat currency, unlike other digital coins.

But, buyers may still purchase Simulator Bomb Crypto token by principal buying Bitcoin on any fiat-to-crypto exchange. Then you need to transfer it to a platform or active conversation that trades this currency. Besides this, you must read additional details of the Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2021 For Long-Term.

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