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Coins45.Com Scam {Dec} Read Its Truth Before Investing!

This article describes a fraudulent scheme that took place misusing the name of crypto investing in cheating people. Read on Coins45.com Scam.

Are you interested in knowing about recent scams and fraudulent activities in the crypto community to understand how they work and to stay away from those fraud schemes? If yes, please read this article till the end to assure that you have some valuable take away from here.

People from the United States and other parts of the world have lost millions of dollars by putting their hard-earned money into such “get rich quick” schemes that promise them huge returns in a shorter time frame. Read on Coins45.com Scam.

About Coins45 website

Coin45.com is a crypto investment-based website that promises investors higher returns with zero risk. The website promoted its free Bitcoin offers to potential clients using cold emails, and the website provides different payment methods to attract clients worldwide.

The website is developed professionally to convince the users that they are trustable. This advance fee fraud method first credits the user’s wallet with a minimal Bitcoin to gain trust. Apart from this free Bitcoin transfer scheme, they also provide different high return bitcoin schemes through their website.

 Coins45.com Scam

  • The scam begins by sending random emails on free Bitcoin rewards.
  • The users are promised to receive a free 28.85 BTC as a reward.
  • The website provides the users with all transaction details, exchange records, and messages from the previous users to build confidence.
  • The website also provided customer support to make it more convincing.
  • At first, the users are rewarded with 0.0001 BTC.
  • In the next step, the users are convinced to add 0.0291 BTC to withdraw the minimum amount of 29.029 BTC. 
  • After adding 0.0291 BTC, there will be no response from them, and the user loses the money.

Market Capitalization

Almost all data related to Coins45.com Scam company stay anonymous, including every information that belongs under the category of market data like fundamental and technical data.

Founders and Team

Information related to the persons or groups associated with this website and its activities is not mentioned anywhere on the website. The concerned persons or its supporting institutions behind the development and promotion of the Coins45.com website and its fraudulent activities always stayed anonymous. If there is any new update about any identity revelation is to be updated in this article.  

How did users buy?

  • Users were asked to visit the Coins45.com Scam website.
  • Then they are asked to create an account by submitting their personal information.
  • After the registration, the user needs to add money to the website wallet.
  • The website provides popular fiat currencies such as EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, INR, JPY, RUB, THB, and TRY.
  • These fiat currencies mentioned above are to be used to purchase Bitcoin for future investment.
  • The website provides three different tenure options for the users to choose accordingly. This method includes three, six and twelve months, and the capital invested is locked till the period ends.
  • The Coins45.com Scam website offers a profit of 0.03 BTC for 1 BTC invested for three months, 0.01 BTC for six months investment, and for twelve months investment, the profit offered is 0.25.


Q1: Is this website still working?

A1: Yes, this website is still working.

Q2: Which cryptos are used in their investment schemes? 

A2: Bitcoin is the only crypto used in their scheme.


Crypto-based online scams are gaining massive popularity due to the massive returns generated by cryptocurrencies recently. To know more about such activities, please visit.

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