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Shirtum Token {Sep 2021} Price, Prediction And Address

This article provides information regarding Shirtum Token‘s price and its performance in the market.

Do you want to invest in a new cryptocurrency with a unique model and motive? For example, have you recently seen a rise in the price and number of tokens related to sports and clubs? Does this sound like an area of interest that you’d like to build your cryptocurrency portfolio upon? If yes, then we’ve got you covered with all the information about the latest Shirtum Token. We will also use statistics to discuss how it performs in Turkey, Spain, and other countries.

What is Shirtum:

Shirtum is a worldwide marketplace for digital assets. Here, players can come up and share their stories with their fans and invite them to join in and collect digital sports memorabilia directly from their sports idols. This place is mainly catered for buying football NFTs. Their concept was introduced this year, and the project is still under development, but it looks like it will benefit players and fans quite a lot in the future. 

Shirtum Token is the native cryptocurrency that powers the Shirtum marketplace used to buy digital assets. This token has promised to provide excellent rewards and opportunities for users and investors. 

By owning $SHI, investors can participate in NFT sales earlier, get discounts on NFT’s prices, own exclusive assets and get their favorite player’s experience too. 412 million of the tokens will be apportioned for crowdfunding and sales. The remaining 588 million tokens are divided between the founders, team, advisors, and treasury. Some tokens are burnt too. 

Shirtum Token – Founder’s Details

There is no such details present about the owner for this token. But, after our case study we found David Rozencwaigm is the founder and CEO of the whole project. But it looks very propitious with players like Gutierrez, Gomez, Izco and Rakitić already involved.

Market Cap and Market Price

  • The current price is $0.775971 and has gone down 10% since yesterday and come up from $0.443442 last week.
  • The 24-hour high is $0.924503- and the 24-hour low is $0.752472
  • The token hit its all-time high price of $0.924503 yesterday, while its initial price during its ICO was $0.036.
  • Current market cap- $67,053,316
  • 24-hour trading volume- $9,093,191
  • Fully diluted valuation- $578,511,196
  • Circulating supply- 86,871,057 tokens
  • Total and maximum supply- 749,491,340 tokens.

Price and Prediction

  • Shirtum Token‘s price has surged up to 25 times since the launch price, which is a good sign for investors. 
  • It hasn’t been very profitable in the short term, but if you look at the token overall, it has been performing well.
  • However, the price of this token is quite volatile, which is risky.
  • They burn many tokens, which makes $SHI reliable.
  • As football is the most popular sport globally with billions of fans, it indicates high potential growth for $SHI, raising the demand for Shirtum Token for fans to digitally access their idol’s merchandise, collectibles, and player’s museum.

How to buy this token?

To buy $SHI you need to follow the steps as mentioned below.

  • Create your Coinbase account.
  • You need to first purchase of Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) from coinbase.
  • Next, use this purchase to buy SHI (Shirtum)
  • Now you owned a Shirtum to invest in.


Q1. What is the contact address of $SHI?

Ans 1. 0x7269d98af4aa705e0b1a5d8512fadb4d45817d5a

Q2. Which wallets can you use to buy $SHI?

Ans 2. You can use your Metamask, Binance Chain Wallet, or Wallet Connect on their official website.


Finally, we can conclude that the Shirtum Token has a lot of potential in the future. This will subsequently increase the demand and price of $SHI in the future. But be while investing in cryptocurrency for a short period.

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You can check out the official Shirtum website by clicking here.

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