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Pet Kingdom NFT {Sep 2021} Token Price, How to Buy?

This article guides you with all the details about the price and Tokenomics about Pet Kingdom NFT.

Do you have an interest in trading in cryptocurrencies? Do you want to know more about the cryptocurrencies that give you a return based on your gameplay? Do you have any interest in using this cryptocurrency to help the kingdom of animals? As we all know that this token is available worldwide, it is very famous in the gaming society. 

If you are interested in gaming tokens and want to know more about the Pet Kingdom NFT, you must read today’s crypto article. 

What is PKD? 

PKD is the common name used for this token. It is a token that helps you earn money daily just by winning the fights or participating. It comes from a blockchain of social-economic game society as it is the upcoming cryptocurrency society. In this, we need to win a daily fight and predict the planet’s future from the sun. This game is a team game and could only be one with proper coordination.  

Pet Kingdom NFT Price and Tokenomics?  

  • Current price:- $0.3013. 
  • Variation in 24 hours in price: – $0.009043
  • Market rank: – #3166. 
  • Market cap: – no data available. 
  • Current supply: – no data available. 
  • Market supply: – no data available. 
  • Total supply: – 2,00,00,000 PKD
  • 30 days high/30 days low: – $0.3998 / $0.2057. 
  • 24 hours high / 24-hour low: – $0.3998 / $0.2821
  • Diluted market cap: – $6,009,222.38. 
  • Trading volume: – $462,006.01. 
  • All-time high: – $0.3998. 
  • All-time low: – $0.2057. 

Who was the founder of this token? 

To invest in a Pet Kingdom NFT currency token, we must know the CEO and who found this token. Unfortunately, we were not able to find out who was the founder of this token. It is a demerit of this cryptocurrency that it does not highlight the founder’s name of this token. It is a very important aspect for cryptocurrency to show its founder so that people must be confidential with the cryptocurrency. 

How to purchase this cryptocurrency?

It is very easy to purchase a cryptocurrency. 

  • At the first moment, we need to create our account on the trust wallet app to get Pet Kingdom NFT. 
  • After that, we need to make sure that our bank has been connected with our wallet.  
  • Then, as for this cryptocurrency, we need to play on the tokens.  
  • As we earn a good amount of tokens after playing, we can go to withdraw option by clicking on the profile.  
  • The moment we click on the drawl, we need to select the desired amount of token that we want to withdraw. 
  • Then, we need to fill up the details about our trust wallet account. 
  • Then, in the end, we could see that our Pet Kingdom NFT has been credited to our trust wallet account.  

Frequently asked questions? 

Q1). What is the founder name of this cryptocurrency? 

A1). We do not have any clue about the name of the founder of this cryptocurrency.  

Q2). What is the difficulty level of the games in this cryptocurrency? 

A2). The difficulty level of this cryptocurrency is not very high, but it is still a team-based game. 


We conclude that we must check all the details thoroughly before investing in Pet Kingdom NFT because it is not a very famous token. If you are interested in knowing more about this token, please click here coincapMarket. In addition, you must click below to see What You Must Know Before Investing In The Cryptocurrency

If you get any relevant information about this cryptocurrency, then please make sure to comment. 

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