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Shiboshi NFT {Oct 2021} How to Buy? Contract Address

This article shares information about Shiboshi NFT, its price and prediction, the founder details, and other relevant information.

Did you have an interest in playing recently launched NFT’s? Do you think that you have time to invest your money in it? If you are then, we have bought a new type of NFT that is more exciting, and you can even earn more money from it. This article will let you know everything about Shiboshi NFT in detail. 

If you want to invest your money, then you can check out this platform. In addition, people of the United States and other nations can use this platform.

What do you know about Shiboshi?

Shiboshi is a big group. They mainly generate NFT. It was created arbitrarily on Layer 2 solutions of the Immutable X tokens. It is mainly accomplished on the Ethereum blockchain without taking any gas expenses. It mainly implements a Regular Metamask wallet. Shiboshi are an amazing organization and developed this game to provide the best-in-class fun to their clients. Shiboshi NFT has the classy component that mainly attracts new viewers to become their clients.


The head and developer of Shiboshi Token is Shytoshi KusamaAnd, as of now, we have not found any more relevant information other than this, so we also recommend that you be careful while investing in this Token.

The developer has named this Token as Shiboshi, linking it with LEASH and BONE Tokens, referring as “Shib Token Trifecta.”

Price Data for Shiboshi Token

The price and the prediction for the Shiboshi NFT is discussed below.

  • NFT supply for sale: 4 lakh tokens
  • Fixed sale Price: 10$ per token.
  • Minimum purchasing: 100$
  • Maximum Purchasing: 500$
  • Total Raised: 7,200,000

How you can buy Shiboshi Token

There are many platforms to buy this token. We are briefing the steps through the KuCoin account. It will be done in two steps 

  • Purchasing USDT for Shiboshi
  • Sign up in your KuCoin account by entering all the asked details like email-Id, name, etc. Select “Buy Crypto”, visible at the top-left corner.
  • Select “Buy Crypto”, visible at the top-left corner.
  • Tap on “Debit/Credit Card.”
  • Now you will see an option “I want to spend”, fill the amount you want to purchase for Shiboshi NFT.
  • Now, another option will come “I want to buy”, tap on the menu for drop-down and select the relevant figure.
  • After all these, select the payment method and tap on the disclaimer button.
  • Swapping of USDT with Shiboshi token
  • Now, within 2 minutes, your amount will reflect in your “Main Account.”
  • Select trading account.
  • Tap on “Markets.”
  • At the top-right, select SHIB.
  • And, finally, tap on SHIB-USDT.

So, the above mentioned are the steps that will help you to purchase Shiboshi Token. Now, let us discuss some FAQs on it!

FAQs on Shiboshi NFT,

Q1. Why does Shiboshi matter?

A2. As its developer has announced to launch 10,000 NFTs on ShibaSwap, decentralized exchange.

Q2. What is the contract Address of this NFT?

A2.  0xa395564619aded8f573f2341a6ced1176649a9dd

Final Verdict:

After our research on this NFT, we get to know that this platform might be secure, but no one takes responsibility for your investment. But, we recommend you to take an expert’s advice before you invest in it.

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