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Mutant Cats NFT {Oct} Find Newly Launch Crypto Details!

This blog talks briefly about Mutant Cats NFT and its other updates. Please read below to collect full information.

NFT being a very useful tool in the blockchain field, is the most known tool among the users of blockchain located in the United States and other countries.

With the coming days and increase in demand for NFT, many new NFTs have been created. So today, the blog will cite down brief knowledge about Mutant Cats NFT.

So if you are unaware and unsure about the NFT mutant cat, this blog is sure to give you basic information and knowledge concerning the mutant cat. Know every relevant detail of it below.

About Mutant Cats

Mutant Cats is regarded as the first Dao that fractionalizes and purchases cool cats, which are to be supplied to its community members.

Additionally, every NFT mutant cat provides access to the community of exclusive Dao and the voting rights on Dao’s assets.

The fish coin represents the shares of the cool cat, which are held in the wallet. Each of the Mutant Cats NFT collects ten fish daily from the staking.

Furthermore, this nft supplies its users’ exclusive access to the NFT drops, frequent claimable NFTS, along with much other future utility.

About The Founder Of Mutant Cats

Sadly, we don’t have access to the founders and managing teams’ names of this particular NFT.

No updates are shared by any sites regarding the founding team of NFT mutant cats.

Mutant Cats Data

  •  NFTs sold in last seven days: 8,762
  •  Trading volume for last seven: $10.25M
  •  Average price in the Last Seven Days: $1170

Details Of Mutant Cats NFT Statistics

This nft has sold eight thousand seven hundred and sixty-two times in the previous seven days. The total sales for the mutant cat is $10.25 million.

The average worth of this nft asset was 1.2k dollars for one mutant cat.

How To Get NFT Mutant Cats?

Well, currently, the details seem missing about the purchase of Mutant Cats. So once any source updates regarding the acquisition of Mutant cat, we will update you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Mention the costliest mutant cat sale?

Ans. The costliest mutant cat nft was sold as #1026. It sold at $31.3k seven hours ago today.

  1. What is Mutant Cats NFT?

Ans. It’s a non-fungible Coin collection that gets stored in blockchain

  1. How much is the cost of this non-fungible Token?

Ans. The cheapest till now over the last thirty days was three hundred and seventy-four dollars.

  1. What is the median worth of mutants?

Ans. The median cost of this particular Nft is $985 recorded in the last thirty days.

  1. What are other alternatives to these NFTs?

Ans. Winter bears, bears deluxe, bastard penguins and galactic Apes are owned by many users of this nft.


That’s the entire notes we got from our research about Mutant Cats NFT. Currently, we can access very brief knowledge of this nft as the project information is not properly updated.

While there are different sites like the mutant cat homepage, which supplies very little information about itself.  

Do you have additional knowledge about this nft? Please comment below.

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