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Sheingivesback Com Scam: Read More About Shein Gives Back Scam

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Sheingivesback com Scam to know difference between genuine and unauthentic offers. is a popular multinational e-fashion and retail store that originated in China, headquartered in Singapore. In the United States, SheIn offers products for customer reviews. TikTok video reviews suggest that SheIn Help Center offers apparel under free trial programs. 

But did you know that scammers lure customers via different fraudulent websites to purchase other products and services to get gift cards? So, let’s check about the Sheingivesback com Scam.


About SheIn gives back program:

Please note that SheIn store offers clothing only under free trial programs. SheIn does not offer FREE gift cards worth $750 or above. It must be considered that SheIn has gift cards that can be purchased for gifting to friends and family members. 

The other way is to obtain $750 reward credited to customer’s SheIn account. For this, customers must complete eight platinum, one gold, and one silver deals, which involves purchasing products and services from SheIn e-store by specifying consistent customer email addresses to avoid Shein Gives Back Scam. Customers needs to sign up for Flash Deals program with same email address before completing deals.

Use of several unauthentic domains: 

Contrary to procedure mentioned above, scammers made an easy process to trap customers. redirects customers to Tappco is an inline-frame (IFrame) within different website, and is associated with,,,,,,,,,,, 

The plot of SheIn Gives Back Fraud:

With this, it is clear that Tappco is network of fraudulent websites under banner of offering SheIn gift cards and other programs. Once customers accesses Sheingivesback com Scam website, he is asked three questions.

  1. Do you shop on Shein? With option to select Yes (or) No,
  2. How do you plan to use your $750 Towards Shein? With option to select Keep (or) Give to friend, and
  3. About how many times do you go shopping per week? With option to select <3, 3-7, 7-10 (or) 10+.

Luring the customers:

Once customers answers questions, Tappco offers to give away $750 to $800 gift card in exchange for immediately subscribing to certain services, such as Sirius Radio, for which customers needs to pay certain amount under Sheingivesback com Scam. Customer’s email is taken under banner of sending an e-gift card.

Shein gives back fraud and customer reviews:

The customers who attempted surveys and subscribed to offers by Tappco did NOT receive an e-gift card! Three customer reviews on social media, one YouTube review, and three website reviews suggest that is a scam.

The legitimacy of and Tappco: website was launched on 28th/January/2023 and registered in Tempe, AZ, USA. website is 3-month and 16-days old website registered for one year. Hence, will expire within 8-months and 16-days on 28th/January/2024.

The identity of Sheingivesback com Scam website owners and their contacts are censored using paid services of Domains By Proxy LLC. is accessible in few regions only. It gained terrible 0%↓ Alexa, 1%↓ Domain Authority, 5%↓ suspicion, 11%↑ spam, 26%↑ malware, 37%↑ threat, phishing, 47.1%↓ business scores, and 93%↑ trust score. is an unsecured website for user data as it uses an HTTP protocol, and its IP does not has an SSL certificate. However, is not blacklisted. Registrar of website and Tappco hosts high percentage of scamming and fraudulent websites.

Social media links related to Sheingivesback com Scam:

Conclusion: is a legitimate multinational e-fashion store offering genuine customer product reviews, free trials, gift cards, and rewards programs. Click here to learn more about SheIn. It must be noted that customers should avail of such offers by accessing official SheIn website for their region. SheIn did not endorse or authorize to offer their loyalty programs (or) $750 gift card! Hence, is a scam.

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Sheingivesback com Scam – FAQ

1Q. Why is unsafe?

Sheingivesback gained considerable phishing, threat, spam, and malware scores, making it unsafe for user devices, personal and payment data.

2Q. uses how many servers?

Servers serial chain numbers 077312380b9d6688a33b1ed9bf9ccda68e0e0f, 067f944a2a27cdf3fac2ae2b01f908eeb9c4c6, and a70e4a4c3482b77f, targeting,,, and

3Q. Who is registrar of Tappco?

NameCheap Inc.

4Q. How much is speed of Tappco?

A load time of 18 milliseconds, 100% A-performance grade, is considered fast.

5Q. Who is ISP of Tappco?

Amazon Data Services Ireland Limited, Ireland.

6Q. How much is visitor count of

A $0 traffic value due to an average zero visitor count/month.

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