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Shaquille Robinson Full Video: Find Links for The Friends Fight Went Viral On Instagram, Twitter & Reddit!

This article provides information about the incident shown on the Shaquille Robinson Full Video and other facts related to the video.

Are you looking for information regarding the viral video of Shaquille Robinson? One of Mexico’s known faces, i.e., Shaquille Robinson’s video, is gaining momentum Worldwide as many people are talking about it on social media. 

If you want to know the whole story behind the Shaquille Robinson Full Video and looking for information related to her death, then read this article till the end.


Why is the video trending on the internet?

The video of Shaquille Robinson is trending on the internet, and people are demanding justice for her. She was found dead in a room when she engaged in a fight with her friend. The other friends recorded the whole thing in their cell phones.

Video Viral On Instagram– what happens to Shaquille Robinson?

As per the reports, it is believed that Shaquille Robinson got involved in a fight with her friend. Shaquille took a trip with her friends, and when they stayed in a hotel room, she got in a fight with her friend.

The reason behind the fight is still unknown, but according to her friends, Shaquille died because of alcohol poisoning. When the video is taken, it is seen that Shaquille Robinson doesn’t have any clothes on her while the other girl is hitting her hard. 

About Shaquille Robinson 

After the video got viral on Twitter and other platforms Worldwide, many readers wanted to know about the girl who died, i.e., Shaquille Robinson. Therefore, here is the information that we can collect about her. 

Full Name-  Shaquille Robinson
Age- 25
Occupation- Businesswoman
Nationality- American
Date of Birth-  Not Mentioned
Place of Birth-  Charlotte, North Carolina
Marital Status-  Not found
Religion- Christian
Mother’s name-  Salamondra Robinson  

The whole incident happened on November 15, 2022, so there isn’t much information about the victim. 

Is the video available on any social media platform?

Everyone watched the video and how Shaquille got beaten by her friend, as the video is available on Reddit and other websites in different links. After watching the video, everyone put a status on their social media account demanding justice for Robinson.


Is the video available on any social media platform

What was the reason for her death?

According to the statement given by her friends, the cause of death was alcohol poisoning, as she was heavily under the influence of alcohol. However, after the analysis from the authorities, it is observed that the real reason for her death was a severed neck injury and broken spine. 

It is also considered that someone contacted her mother and told her that Shaquille was drunk. The video shows that her Friends or ‘Pals’ are responsible for her death. 

Why was Shaquille Robinson in Mexico?

Shaquille Robinson is in Cabo, Mexico, because, on a business trip, and it is said that she wants to spend some time with her friends as it has been a long time since they caught up. However, after landing on Cabo, 24 hours later, Shaquille Robinson was found dead.

Shaquille Robinson was a businesswoman who wanted to expand her business of braiding and extensions. With the Shaquille Robinson Full Video going viral on the internet, it is seen that she was with her friends and how they treated her. 

Social Media Links

Final Words

The whole video is disturbing and what happens to Shaquille is unacceptable and shocking. The video clearly shows how her friends are treating her and enjoying the entire incident while recording it instead of helping her.

Let’s wait for the official report from the police and see how the investigation works.

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Shaquille Robinson Full Video– FAQs

1: Who was Shaquille Robinson?

A: Shaquille Robinson was a businesswoman from North Carolina.

3: Where does the incident happen?

A: The incident occurs in a hotel room in Cabo, Mexico.

3: What’s the name of the other lady?

A: No information is present about the incident’s culprits.

4: Does the police take any action?

A: At present, there’s no report mentioned about the police investigations.

5: Why was Shaquille Robinson in Mexico?

A: Shaquille Robinson was in Mexico for business and to celebrate her friend’s birthday. 

6: What is the cause of Robinson’s death?

A: The cause of death of Robinson was a severe neck injury and a spinal fracture. 

7: Where is the whole video available?

A: The whole video is not available anywhere. 

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