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Shanquella Robinson Fight Video: Check Wiki To Find Biography Data For Age, Parents, Net Worth, Husband, Obituary & More!

The article discusses the recent Shanquella Robinson Fight Video incident, and the necessary information about the happening.

Have you watched the recent video clip of Shanquelle Robinson? The video is disturbing. In this video, Shannquella was beaten by her friend. The video is already viral online. Millions of people have watched this video Worldwide.

Shanquella travelled to Mexico on 28 October 2022. But she died mysteriously within one day. Now police are checking between the fight and her death. The investigation team also reviewed the Shanquella Robinson Fight Video


Disclaimer: As per our policy, we don’t promote this disturbing video. But due to the news purpose, we have taken the reference of the video and specific information. We have no intention to harm the sentiment of any. 

Check the fighting incident which led to Shaquille’s Death!


Check the fighting incident which led to Shaquille’s Death!

Shaquille is a businesswoman. She went to Cabo to celebrate her friend’s birthday and vacation. As per her friend’s report, she was found dead later due to liquor poisoning. 

But in an investigation, Shanquella’s parents later told the FBI that they found their daughter had a broken and cracked neck. Suddenly, the video went viral on social media and sparked many questions about Shanquella’s death. 

Autopsy, Funeral, Obituary & More

As per the recent update, the second autopsy report says Shanquella’s neck was broken. And the autopsy also confirmed it was a violent death. Police are checking the issue. On the other hand, the funeral will take place at the weekend. Shanquella’s body was brought to Charlotte on 17 November 2022 (Thursday).

Wiki of Shanquella

Shanquella Robinson was a 25 years old lady. She is from Charlotte. Her mother’s name is Salamondra Robinson and father’s name is Bernard Robinson. Shanquella went from Charlotte to Cabo on 28 October. She was brutally beaten up by her friend. Later she was found dead in the hotel room. 

Shanquella’s mother said she last talked to her daughter when she reached Cabo. Within 24 hours, Salamondra received a call from their friend, and they informed her that Shanquella was sick and they were supposed to meet the doctor. 

We didn’t find any information about her boyfriend or partner or whom she was dating. She always kept her private life and information secret. 

About the Viral Video Watched by the Parents

The investigation authority has already checked the viral video. The video shows that an unknown character attacked Robinson in the bedroom while she was undressed. Another person who was filming the scene was saying to Shanquella to fight back. 

But the attacker continuously attacked her head and punched her in the private part. Many people also have watched his video. Even Shanquella’s parents also watched this video, and they complained their daughter’s death was a murder. 

Biography of Shanquella 

  • Real Name/Full Name- Shanquella Robinson
  • Nickname- Qualla
  • Profession- Self Employed 
  • Date of Birth- Born in 1997. 
  • Zodiac Sign- No Data
  • Age– 25 years
  • Birthplace- Charlotte 
  • Nationality- American
  • Marital Status- Single
  • Wife Name- Question doesn’t arise
  • Husband Name- she is unmarried
  • Ethnicity- forefather had African ethnicity, but Robinson hold the American passport as she had Christian faith

Who was Shanquella? 

As per our research report, Shanquella was self-employed. She had her own company, “At Kid and Company”. The company offers child care, baby care etc. service. As per the financial report, Shanquella was a well-established woman.

We are unable to found whether she had other ventures or not. But she likes to travel and discover new places. The recent report says her Net Worth is around 700K USD. Shanquella was born in 1997. After completing her education at the local high school, she did a few jobs. 

But later, she planned to start her own organization. Shanquella established a baby care organization and started the work as self-employment. While trying to find out about her personal life, we need to get information on this. 

Education and Career Details!

We are unable to find any information about her educational qualification. 

Social Media of Shanquella 


Many netizens have started the Justice for Shanquella Robinson campaign on social media. There is to search for the culprit. Check the link information for more details.

What are your opinions on such incidents? Please comment. 

Shanquella Robinson Fight Video– FAQs

1) Who was Shanquella? 

She was a businesswoman from America.

2) What was the age of Robinson? 

She was 25 years old.

3) What was her hometown? 


4) Where did she go on vacation?

Cabo, Mexico. 

5) Where did the fight video go viral? 

Social Media.

6) What is her company’s name? 

At Kid and Company.

7) Who is the mother of Shanquella? 

Salamandra Robinson.

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