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R Place Atlas 2022 {April} Check Out This Exciting News!

The guide shares details about the new R Place Atlas 2022 to make people aware of the new project. 

The popular discussion forum Reddit brought back the renowned April fool’s Day Project, R/Place. The project was launched years back in 2017 for worldwide users, and after an upgrade, the project is again launched after five years on April Fool Day 2022.

It is the viral experiment and the brainchild of the Wordle creator, Josh Wardle. The project only lasts for a couple of days. If you want to be a part of the project and edit canvas with colorful pixels, continue reading to know how to become a part of R Place Atlas 2022.

What is R Place Atlas?

R/Place, or Reddit’s Place, is the social experiment and collaborative project hosted on the social site and first launched on April Fool’s Day, 2017. The experiment involves around online canvas situated on the subreddit called R/Place. It allows registered users to edit the canvas by changing colors in single-pixel from 16-color palettes. 

The experiment ended after 72 hours in 2017. The project is reintroduced in 2022 on April Fool Day, when Reddit has millions of worldwide users. The project is launched with new technical features where the concept remains the same with changes in grander scales.

How to Become a Part of R/place Atlas 2022?

If you are interested in the newly launched project R/Place, you can become a part of it. However, you don’t need a Reddit account to check the canvas, but you have to register with the social media platform to participate and lay your tile. 

You have to visit the r/Place Reddit page to view what has been created so far and place your colorful tiles on the canvas. Since it is a community-driven project, it relies on all detailed, precise, and objective submissions.

To help document the artwork of R/place Interactive Map 2022, you have to visit the r/Place Atlas2 page and read all posts and comments. The post shares everything you need to know before contributing. 

When will the Project End?

R/Place Atlas project started on April Fool Day 2022, i.e., 1st April at 9 AM ET. The project is open to accept contributions from users until midnight of 5th April 2022. Registered users can be part of the project.

After registering, users must choose the widget icon with the letter “P” available on the home feed. They may also contribute via the community drawer on the official application. Then, start contributing to R Place Atlas 2022 by placing the tiles of your preferences. Unregistered Reddit users can’t access the colorful pixels, but they can see what others have contributed in real-time. 

User’s Reactions

Reddit users are happy to participate in the project after five long years. The idea of a real-time interactive map is highly fascinating, and the social media platforms were loaded with interesting images developed via r/place.  

Many users said they were getting addicted, and some said it was their favorite moment on Reddit. 


R Place Atlas 2022 is the new interactive real-time map that grabs many Reddit users’ attention. However, the project is for a limited time, and you may contribute to it by registering on Reddit. 

Have you contributed to the interactive R/Place Altas 2022? Please, share your experiences in the comment section.

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