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[Original] Sementeryo Viral Scandal Link: What Is Viral Scandal November 2022, Check First Date Sa Sementeryo Viral Video Link, Find If It Still Available On Twitter, Reddit, Or Telegram!

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One wrong step can change our lives and turn them upside down, like a scandal on the web featuring two minors having their time alone is now viral.

Do you want to know what was in that scandal? Why is this scandal circulating all over? Do you know this news is being searched a lot in the philippines? Read this article about the Sementeryo Viral Scandal Link till the end to know everything going on.

Where can you get the sementeryo viral scandal link?

Are you looking for a sementeryo scandal link? You should know that you are not the only one, as many people are searching for the same. Billions of heads worldwide have searched this link. You may need help getting it as it has been removed from many accounts from the primary source and the sub-branches.

You can check out this link on Reddit here. You can see that the link has been deleted from the account. It is one of many accounts from which the content has been deleted, as many others have faced the same while sharing the link. popular sites like Twitter, Reddit and telegram are directing their users to remove that explicit link. 

First of all, you should be familiar with the term used in the keyword that is sementeryo, so this is a Filipino word which means cemetery in English. Now you might be wondering about the meaning of the same. A cemetery is the same as a graveyard, but the only difference is that the cemetery doesn’t have a church.

 Viral Scandal November 2022 – what can be seen in the viral video?

Have you seen that video? If yes, then you must be aware of the content in that video. If you have not seen that video, keep reading as we explain. In that video, we can see two children said to be coupled, making out the act of love in a cemetery in heavy daylight. 

The video is going viral, but it is still unknown whether the duo leaked it on their own or someone did this. It can be seen that the couple is aware that they have been filmed that we see in the Sementeryo Viral Scandal Link, yet it is not known whether someone is recording or they are doing it on their own. 

Who is the duo in the video?

People say that the duo seems to be minor. Much information about them is unknown as they haven’t been told about them anywhere. People are just assuming all things which they see in the video. There is no doubt that they were minors and below 18. 

Additional information:

Some accounts have been suspended for sharing the video and not removing it on being directed by the team. You can check this link on Twitter to see that an account has been suspended for not paying attention to the directed message.


The video of a duo making love in a cemetery is going viral all over the net, and everyone is asking for the link. please stick to this article till the end to know everything about the viral video. For more information about the glimpse of the viral scandal, visit the link.

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First Date Sa Sementeryo Viral Link – FAQs

Q1. Who can watch this video?

Any person whose age is 18 or above. But this video is strictly prohibited for minors.

Q2. What makes this video viral?

In this video, two minors have shot their video while doing the act of intimacy.

Q3. Where do those minor couples belong from?

This video is getting viral in the Philippines. So, they belong to the same country.

Q4. Who are the Minor Couples in the video?

The identity of both minors is still unknown.

Q5. Where can we find the full video link?

Finding a full link to the video is quite tricky as this video has some scenes that violate privacy and community guidelines. 

Q6. What’s the location of this cemetery we see in viral Telegram link?

The exact location or place where the video was shot is unknown. But there are some rumours that it could be in any forest in the Philippines.

Q7. Who shot their video?

The video was shot by themselves as they recorded their love-making on their smartphones. 

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