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[leaked] Date Sa Sementeryo Link {Nov} Check If Sementeryo Scandal Link Available For Twitter, Reddit, And Telegram, Also Find Details On Viral Scandal November 2022

In Date Sa Sementeryo Link, we will discuss the viral scandal on Twitter and other social media these days.

Have you heard of the viral video with the name Sementeryo? Are you aware of what it is in the video? Do you also want any links to this kind of video?

People across the Philippines are interested to know more about why the video is getting more attention. Many websites provide other information in the name of the link and achieve their traffic target.

In this post, we will find out what is in the Date Sa Sementeryo Link; Let’s discuss.

What is the latest news?

A video is getting viral all over the internet, and a lot of people are showing interest in it. It is also tough to judge which is the actual video as many new contents are available now in the name of the same keyword. Let us discuss here in detail what the matter is.

What is the matter?

Get the first date Sa Sementeryo which also means the first date of cremation. The video is viral on the internet and getting attention from users.

The Viral Scandal November 2022 all shows teens in cremation. In that, the boy is seen wearing a black shirt only. He is sitting in that area alone with a girl, and it seems they both meet for the first time at that place and do physical things together. That is why the video is named Get first date Sa Cemetery.

In the video, we can see that boy is not wearing anything down and sitting while the girl is doing intimate things to him. Since all these things are done inside cremation, it is the topic of discussion.

Curious people on Telegram and other social media also want to know who recorded the video and who uploaded it online. The video was as it was and not edited; therefore, we can see their face of them easily.

Moreover, those who have not watched the video are searching for it, while those who watched are criticizing it.

Most of you may be aware of the news regarding this matter. But if you do not know, we will explain everything here. First date Sa Sementeryo is a trending keyword on the internet which is posted by @ Bryanmilkwayz1 on Twitter

What is there in the second video?

There is a second video also getting viral under the same name. It shares a different aspect of the video. In another video, a third educator is currently on paid leave, and two other teachers have resigned.

It is said that one of the students reported that one teacher tried to establish a passionate relationship with a student and assaulted her on school premises.

Now, in both videos, which is actually correct has yet to be discovered, but both get equal attention when you search the keyword.

Sementeryo Scandal Link

After reading this, many of you must be looking for the link to the video. You can find the link by browsing here. But we warn you not to visit such sites as many might not be trusted sources.


Bryanmilkwayz first uploaded the viral video on his social media handle, and it started trending. There is no verification of video from our side as multiple are available in the same name. You can click here for the Twitter account Bryanmilkwayz.

Did you find the relevant information related to the post? If so, comment and tell us more.

Date Sa Sementeryo Link- FAQs

What is there in the scandal?

The scandal video contains sensitive content about student and teacher relationships.

What is the keyword that is searched more?

Get first date Sa Sementeryo is the main keyword associated with the search.

When was the actual video uploaded?

The actual video was uploaded in the last days of October 2022.

Who uploaded the video?

Bryanmilkwayz first uploads the video.

Is there any other video available with the same name?

Yes, multiple videos are available with the same name, but the verification of which is accurate still needs to be discovered.

Where is the link available?

It is available on Reddit. Moreover, the link is available on various social media platforms. 

What is the latest news related to the search?

The keyword is viral all over the internet, and everyone wants to know what is in the search.

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