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Scorpios Mykonos Reviews: Check Details About Scorpios Beach Club, Greece

Today’s article is about Scorpios Mykonos Reviews. Thus, all the details are provided. 

What is Scorpio Mykonos? Is it a beach restaurant? Where is this place located? Want to know Scorpios Mykonos Reviews? Please read this article here and get to know about it. People visiting from the United States and Canada look for honest reviews of this place.

Reviews & Feedback for Scorpio Mykonos

Scorpio Mykonos has received excellent ratings from customers and visitors from all over the world. Whoever visited this restaurant in Greece’s Paraga & Agia Anna Beach has good things to say about their food and ambiance. 

On authentic portals, the restaurant has received outstanding ratings. People praised their food and atmosphere as well as the service. One customer wrote, ‘It is a paradise for a perfect food day.’

Disclaimer: The feedbacks and reviews for the restaurant are available on many trusted portals, for example, Trip Advisor,, etc.

Details on Scorpios Beach Club & Restaurant 

Scorpio Mykonos has a restaurant, beach club, bar, and lounge. The place has a great scenic view because it is located on the seaside/beach. The interior of the site is minimalistic and beautiful. Per their website, their infrastructure is inspired by the ancient Greek agora. 

One must book or make reservations before visiting the place. 

The place has great in-house music and claims to serve fresh food made of fresh vegetables and ingredients. Scorpio Mykonos has many things, such as arts, music, food, and a bazaar for hand-crafted items. They also claim to represent their culture through their various services. 

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Encounter By Scorpio Mykonos Greece

Encounter in Resonance is a program for art and music enthusiasts. This is a summer program launched by Scorpio Mykonos. Under this program, the artist will collaborate with the Scorpio musician to create a piece. Under this, there will be live performances displaying the art and music. 

Scorpios are trying to expand and explore the community of digital art. They are trying to touch the new boundaries of the digital world. The event started on 13th July 2023 and will end on 31st August 2023. Several artists will display their pieces. As per Scorpios Mykonos Reviews, this place is worth the visit.

Social Media Links of Scorpio Mykonos


They have more than 200 thousand followers on their account.


On Facebook, Scorpios has 87 thousand followers.


They have more than 5000 followers, and per the LinkedIn profile’s bio, they promise to open Scorpio Mykonos in a different location. 


They have more than 2 thousand subscribers on their YouTube channel. They upload the songs and music of their artists. 

Final Summary of Scorpios Mykonos Reviews

Scorpio Mykonos provides a restaurant, beach club, and lounge all in one place. Scorpio is located at a very beautiful stop in Paraga. The reviews about their food, music, and ambiance are great. People seemed to love the food, and the reviews were generous. The rating by the customers is above average. Click here and visit their website for reservations

Will you visit Scorpio Mykonos? Please comment below on which Greek dish you like the most.

Updates On Scorpios Mykonos Reviews: FAQs

Q1. How are the reviews of Scorpio Mykonos?

A1. The reviews are good.

Q2. Does Scorpios have events?

A2. Yes, they often have music and art events.

Q3. Which event is currently going on?

A3. Encounter in Resonance is an ongoing event.

Q4. Where is Scorpio Mykonos situated?

A4. It is in Paraga, Greece.

Q5. What is the dress code for Scorpio Mykonos?

A5. They prefer the Bohemian dress code.

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