Save The Kids Crypto 2021.

Save The Kids Crypto (July) How To Buy? Contract Address

Save The Kids Crypto (July) How To Buy? Contract Address >> The guide shares details about the new charity token used for making donations for underprivileged kids.  

Philanthropists who want to donate cryptocurrency and participate in charity donation may use the new charity token called Save the Kids with the ticker symbol KIDS. It is the charity token launched in partnership with the Binance Charity.

Philanthropists in the United States are using the charity token for donations in charitable trusts. It allows them to donate directly to the projects focused on helping underprivileged kids. Moreover, since it is a charity token, it has the lowest applicable taxes, making it affordable trading with a slippage of only 3%.

Below is the complete guide on Save the Kids Crypto token.

What is KIDS Token?

Save the Kids or KIDS is the charity token launched in collaboration with Binance Charity. Philanthropists and investors in the United States are using it to donate to the dedicated projects in helping the underprivileged kids. 

Philanthropists need to donate the token into the Binance Lunch for Kids, and the platform will share lunches to the underprivileged school kids in Africa. Furthermore, since KIDS is the charity token, there are low taxes applicable, and the Save the Kids Crypto token highly affordable to trade with slippage of only 3% and 4% for each transition.     

The charity token aims to become the most prominent and famous crypto token on the BSC platform.

Founder of KIDS Token

After evaluating, we have found that the official website is under construction and not active presently. We have not found details about the CEO, owner, and founder of the KIDS token. 

However, we have found details of the members backing the project. It is backed by celebrity ambassadors, including FaZe Kay, Ricegum, FaZe Teeqo, FaZe Jarvis, FaZe Nikan, and more.   

Save the Kids Crypto Statistics and Live Price Data

We have evaluated the charity token online found some crucial details about its market cap and value. As per the reports, the last known market price of the charity token is $0.001303. It has registered a decline of 4.82% in the last 24 hrs. Besides, the token has registered a trading volume of $3 780.77 in the last 24 hrs with the declining trend of 4.78%.

Moreover, the current marketing ranking of the charity coin is $4197 based on the market cap evaluation of Save the Kids Crypto. However, the charity token’s market capitalization data is missing, but the fully diluted market capitalization of the token is $ 1 303 312.92. 

In terms of circulating supply, the token has the maximum circulating supply of one billion KIDS tokens, and the data of total circulating supply is not available.   

How to Buy Save the Kids Token?

  • The crypto token is available for trading on PanCakeSwap.
  • Download and signup for a trusted digital wallet
  • Add BTC or BSC into your wallet.
  • Link the wallet to a trusted and desired exchange like PanCakeSwap
  • Go to the exchange and search for Save the Kids Crypto by entering the contract address 0x7acf49997e9598843cb9051389fa755969e551bb
  • Click on the token and enter the amount of token you want to buy
  • Enter the amount of BTC or BSC you want to use to buy the token
  • Click on the “Swap” button and ensure to set a slippage of 3% minimum.


Q1. What is the Official Link of KIDS?

A1. is the official link, but it is under construction and not active now.

Q2. What is the Contract Address of KIDS?

A2. You may use 0x7acf49997e9598843cb9051389fa755969e551bb as the contract address for KIDS.


Save the Kids Crypto is the charity token launched in collaboration with Binance Charity to help philanthropists donate to the projects aimed at helping underprivileged school kids in Africa.

Save the Kids token is available for trading on major exchanges. But, you need to learn the Best Apps for Crypto Trading to enjoy a safe and secured trading experience.    

Have you ever donated using a KIDS token? Please share your opinion on the charity token in the comments section.

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