Kick Token Contract Address 2021.

Kick Token Contract Address (July) Price, How To Buy?

Kick Token Contract Address (July) Price, How To Buy? >> The guide shares exclusive details of a new cryptocurrency and the statistics for a wise investment.

Kick Ecosystem is the renowned and newly launched fintech tool that focuses on developing a one-stop shop for crypto trading, covering almost all the financial needs of all users Worldwide. The ecosystem comprises twelve different services, and each aims to be fully functional both as the organic part of the ecosystem and a standalone solution. 

The crypto project by the ecosystem promotes seamless 360-degree interaction between the elements, ensuring immediate execution of user’s requests blended with flawless user experience.

The token is available for trading on major exchanges with ticker KICK. Continue reading to know the Kick Token Contract Address.     

What is Kick Token?

Kick Token is the native centralized cryptocurrency within the Kick Ecosystem, a FinTech tool developing a one-stop shop for all users Worldwide. The native token is based on the Ethereum Platform and available for trading on major exchanges. 

The Kick ecosystem comprises different sections, including exchange pricing solutions and a unified login system. The project is also used for crowdfunding, investing into the crypto as the intelligent contracts empower it. 

However, there are two Kick tokens, and the Kick Token Contract Address is different for the old and new ones. So, kindly check the address carefully before trading.

Who are the Founders of Kick Token?

According to the online evaluation, the CEO and Co-Founder of Kick Token are Anti A. Danilevski, Alexander Petrov (Co-Founder and CFO), Andrew Perepelitsa (CTO and Co-Founder).

The Kick Token has over 1 251 906 holders, and it has registered 1 358 138 transfers to date. For more details regarding the contract address, market evaluation, and circulating supply, continue reading. 

Kick Token Market Analysis

Before learning about the Kick Token Contract Address, let us know the market evaluation. 

As per the market analysis, the live price of the old Kick Token is $0.019670. The trading volume of $1 816 604 in the last 24hrs and the price is down by 9000%. The new Kick Token live price is $0.00013748 with a trading volume of $36 272 in the last 24 hrs and is down by 20.3%. 

The live market ranking of the old Kick token is #203 based on the market cap of $2 472 056 933, and the live market cap data of the new token is not available. The circulation supply is 125 678 964 205 (Old KICK) and 1.5 billion New KICK tokens.

What is the Kick Token Contract Address?

After evaluating, we found that there are two types of KICK tokens. The new KICK token is available with the contract address 0x824a50df33ac1b41afc52f4194e2e8356c17c3ac and the old KICK token with contract address 0xc12d1c73ee7dc3615ba4e37e4abfdbddfa38907e.

So, investors are requested to invest in the token depending upon their needs and after checking the addresses properly. 

How to Buy KICK Token?

  • KickEX is the native exchange where you can buy KICK tokens, both old and new
  • Signup with a trusted wallet 
  • Link the wallet with the exchange 
  • Copy the Kick Token Contract Address and paste in the search bar to find the token
  • Add sufficient ETH into your wallet and transfer them to the exchange 
  • Choose the amount of token you want to buy and swap 
  • Transfer the tokens into your digital wallet


Q1. What is the Official Link of KICK?

A1. is the official link of the token.

Q2. What is the Contract Address?

A2. 0xc12d1c73ee7dc3615ba4e37e4abfdbddfa38907e is for Old KICK and 0x824a50df33ac1b41afc52f4194e2e8356c17c3ac for new KICK tokens.


Kick Token is the native cryptocurrency of the Kick Ecosystem, which is an interacting fintech tool that focuses on developing a one-stop shop for all global users. It is the innovative tool covering all financial needs. 

However, the Kick Token Contract Address varies as there are two different tokens available, and investors must use the proper address to invest in the token.  

Before investing in the crypto market, ensure to check the future of Cryptocurrency in 2021. Do you invest in KICK? Which token do you prefer the most? Please share it in the comment section.

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