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Satoshi Green Token {April} How To Buy? Contract Address

The article will educate you about Satoshi Green Token‘s primary features and discuss its uses and buying methods. 

Do you know about the new crypto-currency in the crypto world? The name of the digital currency is Satoshi Token. “Solana” digital currency gives the power to ‘STEPN” users in the NFT. 

The new digital currency is already getting space among crypto users and investors Worldwide. But many investors want to know about its features, uses, and buying methods. So, find out the valuable element of Satoshi Green Token. So, let’s find out its main features, opportunities, functions and the market ratio of the coin. 

What Do You Know About the Token? 

The short name of the token is GST. You need to know about “STEPN”. Actually, GST provides all support and power to “STEPN”. As per your knowledge, the STEPN is a Web3 application that helps with daily activity games. It also supports social matters.

It is built with the daily work activities, and it also helps the users achieve the digital currency by jogging, walking and running. Besides this, users can also earn the game’s currency by participating in the game. 

Satoshi Green Token – Do You Know the Founder(s)? 

We find a few names as the introducers of the token. The principal two co-founders are- Yawn Rong and Jerry Huang. Jessica Duan works as a CSO. The name of the designer is Ryan Turner. 

In the founder’s team, many advisers support the token factor and give their opinion from time to time. The principal advisers are- Santiago R Santos, William Robinson, Scott Dunlop and Jason Kam. 

The coin is also backed by many esteemed organizations. These organizations are- Solana Ventures, Alameda Research, Sfermion. That is the reason many investors like the coin. 

Statistical Views of the Satoshi Green Token 

  • Price in USD- $4.22
  • Token Market Cap- $15,201,668
  • Diluted Cap- $42,291,828
  • Market Volume- $143,030,711
  • Token Circulation- 3,597,242.47 GST
  • Whole Supply Ratio- 10,000,000
  • Rank- 813
  • Token ROI- No Information
  • Highest Rate- $9.03
  • Lowest Rate- $0.9343
  • The Dominance- Data not found. 
  • Reason for Priority
  1. It offers excellent game satisfaction. 
  2. The main target of the token is to provide a healthy and wealthy lifestyle. 
  3. The gamers can quickly achieve the token. 
  4. It is supported by Solana (SOL). 
  5. The token follows a dual token mechanism. 
  6. The token is used as game currency. 

Know the Buying Methods of the Coin? 

Now the buying methods of Satoshi Green Token. The underline discussion can help you to understand the buying processes.

  1. First, download the “Coinbase” mobile application and do the login process. 
  2. After the login procedure to meet the buying procedure, you need to add the payment process like a bank account and credit card information. 
  3. Now you can start the trade. 
  4. You can search the token from the assets list. 
  5. Mention the amount. 
  6. Finally, confirm your buying process. 


  1. What is the Contract Information of the Token?
  2.   AFbX8oGjGpmVFywbVouvhQSRmiW2aR1mohfahi4Y2AdB- is the contract address of   Satoshi Green Token.
  3. What is the Official Website for this token? 
  4. You can access the official website by clicking on the link.  

The Final Statement

Hope we have described all the parameters of the token. But as an investor, you know every cryptocurrency has some diameters. So, just before making your buying decision, you need to understand and confirm each piece of information about the token. 

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