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[Updated] Sally Mcneil Husband Now: Know About Her Married New & First Husband

In this article, we will talk about Sally Mcneil Husband Now and her present life. You will also get to know about her murder case.

Do you watch Netflix? Have you seen the promo of the Sally Mcneil documentary? Netflix launched a new documentary on famous bodybuilder Sally Mcneil. She was imprisoned for killing her husband. After returning to Parole, Netflix approached Sally to make a documentary on her life.

People from the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States share comments and ratings on the documentary Sally. Everyone wants to know about the personal life of Sally regarding Sally Mcneil Husband Now and her current relationship status.

Sally McNeil, Present Husband. 

Sally is currently dating Stewart. After killing her previous husband, Ray McNeil, she was imprisoned for 25 years. The court released her on Parole in 2020. Looking at Sally’s exciting and mysterious life, Netflix released a mini TV series based on the documentary life of Sally.

Sally herself was cast in the web series. It becomes fascinating for multiple people to discover why she secured her husband on Valentine’s Day and the mystery behind the second-degree murder. You can watch the movie trailer from the given YouTube link.

Sally Mcneil First Husband 

Sally’s first husband was Anthony Lowden. Sally and Anthony were married for 4 years and had a girl together. Her name is Shantina. When Sally killed her husband Ray, she was 11 years old. She had one more child named John. But there is no clarification about his father. 

Sally, Shantina, Ray and John were living all together. Anthony didn’t give any interview for the documentary Sally. However, there was a piece of information that he gave some leads an opinion on the San Diego murder case. Anthony mentions that Sally became unhinged after proceeding with bodybuilding as a passion.

Sally Mcneil New Husband  

After being accused of the brutal murder of her husband, people are to know her current husband of Sally. From the source’s information about that currently, her husband is Norfleet Stewart. He is also a bodybuilder athlete, and the couple married in the 60s, although Norfleet is young. 

People are waiting for the entry of no fleet as the current husband of Sally and about their marital status with him. There is no clarification of Norfleet being a part of the Killer Sallys documentary. But some rumour says that he can be seen in the last episodes of her documentary.

Sally Mcneil Murder Case

Sally Married Ray Mcneil in 1987. Ray and Sally both were bodybuilders in the United States. Sources inform that Ray was cheating on her and physically assaulted her multiple Times. Sally also mentioned that he used to take steroids from her income. His violence increased daily, and sometimes he became crazy after taking too many steroids. 

In 1995 on Valentine’s Day, the couple was having a good time, but suddenly it turned into an argument and fight. The argument goes so brutal that he starts physically abusing Sally. 

Sally couldn’t bear so much and shot her husband in the stomach and head. During the court hearing, she told them she shot him in self-defence. 

Sally Mcneil Husband Now and current lifestyle.

After spending 25 years in jail, when she returned, Sally got married to Norfleet at the age of 62. She is happy with her present life and spends ample time in bodybuilding and caring for her family.

Sally Income 

Sally was earning $3000 per match for wrestling a man. When Netflix offered her a documentary, her net worth was around 800K dollars. Sally Mcneil Biodata

Full Name Sally Mcneil 
Profession Professional bodybuilder
Date of birth 29 May 1960
Please of birth America
Height 160 cm
Weight  68 kg

Why do people want to know about Sally Mcneil Husband Now?

Despite the bodybuilding profession Sally was known for the brutal murder of her husband. Most people accused her of being mentally ill and aggressive due to the bodybuilding profession. Moreover, her ex-husband Anthony also mentioned that he is lucky they got divorced, or else he could be the victim who got killed instead of Ray. 

During the documentary, Sally mentioned that when Shel, her husband, called 911 and reported the murder. She also mentioned that people are making wrong assumptions about her and accusing her of her back. But they don’t know the critical situation I have been through on Valentine’s Day.

Is Sally Mcneil New Husband happy with her?

The couple is enjoying a happy married life, and they have no complaints. They belong to similar bodybuilding professions, so they spend most of their time competing in the gym.

Sally’s Children.

After the Ray murder case, when Sally went to jail. Sally’s children were moved to the foster home at 11 and 9, respectively. Later, when they grew up, they started living with her grandmother.

Both of the children served in the US military as well. Unfortunate information was that they both suffered PTSD while working in the military. Multiple accusations say that Sally’s Married life and abusive relationship led to this mental stress for her children. Later both children were given proper treatment and discarded from the military.


Killer Sally is one of the exciting documentaries on Netflix. When people learned about how she murdered her husband from the web series, it became exciting to know about her present relationship status and husband.

Do you think Sally was right when she killed her husband? Share your opinion. Also, fetch Sally’s Wikipedia from this link.

Sally Mcneil Husband Now: FAQs

Q1 Did Sally was released on bail from prison?

She was given a Parole in 2022.

Q2 What was the source of income when Sally killed Ray

She was a wrestler and earned about $3000.

Q3 What is the name of Sally’s Netflix web series?

Killer Sally 

Q4 Why did salad divorce, Anthony?

Anthony was also an abusive person like Ray, and after tolerating her abusive behaviour, she divorced him after 4 years of marriage.

Q5 Who is the father of Sally’s Children?

Shantina’s father is Anthony, and John’s father is unknown.

Q6 Who is Sally Mcneil New Husband?

Norfleet Stewart 

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