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[Updated] Ray Mcneil Crime Scene Photos Reddit: Explore Ray Mcneil Autopsy Photos, Also Check His Wikipedia, Kids, And Parents Details!

This post on Ray Mcneil Crime Scene Photos Reddit will reveal all updates on Ray’s murder case. Kindly read.

Do you know who Ray Mcneil was? Is he still alive? If not, then how did he die? Such questions are repeatedly scrolling on online sources as the documentary ‘Killer Sally’ is the main source from where such questions are rising. Ray Mcneil Crime Scene Photos Reddit is being searched by the citizens of the United States and the United Kingdom. So, here we will discuss more his death.

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Crime Scene Pictures: Ray McNeil

Ray Mcneil was popular for bodybuilding. He was murdered at his home and the crime scene photos are not yet released on any online platform or social platform. People are asking for original graphics of the crime scene after the documentary on his wife, Sally, has been released. But, we feel sad to inform our readers that such pictures are not posted anywhere. 

Ray Mcneil: Wikipedia

Our research team has provided all fruitful information on the deceased, Ray Mcneil. Kindly follow this table to know his personal life information. 

Real Name Ray Mcneil 
Date of Birth December 17, 1964
Place of Birth North Carolina
Date of Death  February 14, 1995
Place of Death  Oceanside 
Occupation  Bodybuilder; ex-sergeant of Marine Corps
Wife Sally McNeil 
Raised by  His aunt
Cause of Death Homicide (by wife, Sally)

We hope that the above-mentioned information is enough to throw some light on the life of Ray McNeil. Further, check out the update on his cause of death and autopsy graphics and report.

Ray Mcneil Autopsy Photos

The graphics of the autopsy are not released officially. We found his autopsy report but pictures are not available. In his autopsy report, it was found that he had two shots in his abdomen and face. Some kinds of steroids (around 5) were also found in his body. As per online sources, his upper jaw was also dislocated and his torso had a large hole. All the pieces of information reveal that he was murdered brutally. 

How did he die: Ray Mcneil 

The unhealthy relationship between the couple can be his death reason. As per Ray Mcneil Crime Scene Photos Reddit, the police investigated the matter and found that Ray and Sally were in a toxic relationship. Ray went out to buy chicken at 8:30 p.m. on Valentine’s day in 1995. The shop was closed, so he went to another shop to buy chicken. Ray did not return till 10:40 p.m. Sally doubted Ray for cheating on her and having extramarital affairs. She also blamed Ray for giving the least attention to his bodybuilding competitions.

Ray was making chicken in the kitchen when Sally had two grenades and loaded one in the gun. Ray tricked him and manipulated her, but Sally shot him. She again shot him leaving him in blood. Ray Mcneil Crime Scene Photos Reddit showed the actual condition of Ray McNeil. Sally handed the gun to the neighbors. The police reached their house and Ray was lying in half of his senses. Sally tried to cook a story which Ray denied. 

Investigation on Ray Mcneil’s Murder Case!

After the investigation on the matter, police found that the duo was not living a happy life together. Ray had many extramarital affairs with other women. Sally used to doubt him and often engaged with him in quarrels. Sally was proven guilty. Also, she killed Ray because of insurance money as she knew that her spouse, Ray, would leave her. As per Ray Mcneil Crime Scene Photos Reddit, Sally was also accused of pointing a gun at John, her ex-partner. She also attacked a woman during a bodybuilding competition after finding out that the lady had affair with Ray. 

After a few days of arguing, she attacked Ray with a heavy object on his car from her balcony. All these expressions show that she was an aggressive and violent lady.  

Punishment to Sally McNeil

Sally was punished with 19 years of imprisonment. Later, she was granted parole by the court after she spent 24 years in prison. She was released on May 29, 2020. According to this research on Ray Mcneil Crime Scene Photos Reddit, Sally may be going to marry third time to Norfleet Stewart.

She is 62 years old now and if Ray was alive, he would have been 57 years. Sally has served her whole life in prison for her wrongdoings. 

NOTE: We have provided information after gathering it from various online sources. So, you can trust our research and the readers must take this post as an informative post. 


The viewers can take more details on crime scene photos of Ray here.


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Ray Mcneil’s Parents And Life Details: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When was Ray murdered?

Ans. Ray was murdered on the day of love, Valentine’s Day 1995.

  1. Who was found guilty of killing Ray?

Ans. His wife, Sally McNeil was proven guilty of killing Ray.

  1. How was the relationship of the couple?

Ans. As per sources, the couple had been living in a toxic relationship where Sally used to doubt him and Ray also had extramarital affairs.

  1. When was Ray born? 

Ans. Ray was born on December 17, 1964.

  1. To whom Sally is going to marry now?

Ans. As per reports, Sally’s present Husband is Norfleet Stewart. 

  1. Who were Ray’s parents?

Ans. There is no update on his parents, but he grew up with his aunt.

  1. How many wounds of gunshot were present in Ray’s body?

Ans. There were two gunshots on his body. One on his face and the other on his abdomen.

  1. How many years did Sally spend in prison?

Ans. She spent 24 years in prison. She was later released on parole by the court on May 29, 2020. 

  1. How many children did Sally have?

Ans. Sally had two Kids with his first husband John.

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