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Bruna Valeanu LinkedIn: Why Idade Trending on Instagram? Check Details Here Now!

Read exclusive details unavailable elsewhere about Idade Bruna Valeanu Linkedin and Instagram to learn about her personal and private life.

Did you know about the death of a student from Brazil in the Hamas strick on Israel? People empathized with the death of the student as she was young, trying to enjoy her life by attending a music festival and happily living with her only sister and mother! Let’s check Idade Bruna Valeanu Linkedin and Instagram.

A Big Picture of Bruna Valeanu Linkedin:

Valeanu had 2 connections on LinkedIn and one generic post related to climate change. In Valeanu’s profile, she mentioned that she is a dedicated student who wants to excel in the field of marketing and social media. Valeanu was looking for opportunities that cultivate creativity and enhance critical thinking. Valeanu was motivated, diligent, skillful, hardworking, and qualitative.

Job role Firm timeline
Marketing Tel Aviv University
Sales Representative Direct Insurance ביטוח ישיר  Dec/2021-Oct/2022
General insurance Direct Insurance ביטוח ישיר  Dec/2021-Oct/2022
Financial analysis Direct Insurance ביטוח ישיר  Dec/2021-Oct/2022
Customer service Direct Insurance ביטוח ישיר  Dec/2021-Oct/2022
Interpersonal comunication Direct Insurance ביטוח ישיר  Dec/2021-Oct/2022
Shoothing instructor Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Aug/2018-Aug/2020

Analysis of Bruna Valeanu Instagram and other social media accounts:

Valeanu’s Instagram had 83 posts and 10.2K followers. Valeanu was present on the Facebook platform, where she had posted pictures of her family. She joined Facebook in March 2011. Hence, her Facebook pages included old pictures of her college friends, selfies when she was in high school and general posts. 

Valeanu also had an account on, but there were no active posts/blogs. All her Instagram posts were related to travel and leisure in different countries, including China, NL, BE, GR, and Brazil. She had 79 pictures and four reels on Bruna Valeanu Instagram.

Bruna Valeanu’s education:

Education Institute Timeline
Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Sociology/Antropology Tel Aviv University Oct/2022-Oct/2025
Schooling TTH Barilan, Brazil

Death of Bruna Valeanu:

The Supernova Sukkot Re’im music festival was held in a dusty field outside the Re’im kibbutz area, which is about 3.3 miles from the wall that separates Gaza from southern Israel. The Israeli edition of Universo Paralello was a weekend-long outdoor psy trance festival that originated in Bahia, Brazil and began on 6th/October/2023. Nova organized the event.

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DoB and Bruna Valeanu Idade:

On 7th/October/2023, approximately 50 Hamas fighters infiltrated Israel in a van. After stopping the electricity supply, the Hamas fighters started firing on the audience at the event. Approximately 3,500 people were present at the event, out of which 260+ people were assassinated on the spot. One of the deaths was Bruna Valeanu, who was born in 1999.

She was originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and moved to Petah Tiqva, Israel, with her sister and mother. Bruna Valeanu was skillful and knew Hebraico, Português, and Espanhol languages.

Bruna Valeanu Idade:

Bruna Valeanu was a 24-year-old student at the time of her death. As there was havoc and people were scattered and searching for their family members, a message went out for a call for a minyan (a quorum required for Jewish communal worship that consists of ten grownup people of either gender) to start the funeral of Valeanu.

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The news about Valeanu’s death spread online as there were many stories discussing how the Hamas group tortured and killed people, including women. Worldwide news channels are covering the Hamas attacks on Israel. One video showed a dead woman with broken bones and Hamas members sitting on her. Among hundreds of such assassinations, Valeanu’s story is about killing a bubbly.

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