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Ryle Senior Prank High School: What Happened At Ryle High School? Is Ryle Senior Arrested? Check Full Update Here

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What Happened at Ryle High School?

Many students are under investigation for the prank at Ryle High School. They damaged many properties of the school by breaking into the school. They caused damage to the whole building. The staff and maintenance team had to clean the mess for hours at the school to start the classes on time. Even some of them got injured during the cleaning process. The Boone County Schools released the records of damage. The authority is investigating the matter of the student’s misbehavior. The parents of the students have also been notified. Many are asking Is Ryle Senior arrested?

How Did the Students Affect The Building?

The students damaged the whole building. It has been reported that students put baby oil in the hallway, and they also put track hurdles. According to Boone County Sheriff’s Office, 75 senior students participated in the prank. Toilet papers were seen hanging from the tree. Even a teacher fell while going up the steps to the classroom. Therefore, the school authority took the prank seriously and reported it to the police. Some students were shocked to hear about the police investigation, as a prank occurs yearly. The school district is also not sharing how the staff and teacher got injured during the clean-up process.

Ryle Senior Prank High School

The Ryle Senior prank has created a chaotic situation. The staff and maintenance team also suffered while cleaning up the mess. However, the school district is not sharing much information related to the injury of the staff. Many students are unaware of the damage as most things were brought into the place. School authorities took the prank seriously and informed the parents of the students. Such little trespassing and vandalism are done every year. It was reported that some seniors were suspended for the remainder of the day after they were caught doing the prank. Boone County investigators have not filed the charges to date. However, What Ryle Senior did is condemnable.

Reactions of the People

Some people criticize the actions of the students. They are seeking disciplinary action against those who were involved in the incident. They were shocked to see and hear about the damage caused by the students. People are trying to know more about the incident. Some other non-participant students have stated that such prank happens every year. People are criticizing the incident as it posed a threat to other students and staff of the school. According to the statement of a district spokesperson, it was not a prank but a trespassing and vandalism. It can also be considered criminal damage. The Ryle Senior Prank High School incident shocked everyone. The district spokesperson thanked the Ryle High School staff and Boone County Schools maintenance team for working hours to clean up the mess caused by the damage. The school opened on time only for the work done by the staff and team. They put a lot of effort into cleaning. Some of them even got injured. But, it was unfortunate that the prank already had made extensive damage.

Actions Against the Students

Some people want to know whether any action has been taken against the students. According to some statements, some students were suspended, and the authority decided to take disciplinary action. The students involved in the Ryle Senior Prank High School incident are still under investigation. The people are trying to know about the actions. However, no such information has been released so far. Many people have stated that such misbehavior from students is condemnable.

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The prank done by the senior students of Ryle High School has caused much damage to the school property. Therefore, the students are under investigation. To know more, please visit the link 

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