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Donuts Raw Police Footage: Find All the Hidden Facts Here!

Donuts Raw Police Footage write-up details YouTuber Cody Garnett and the type of content he developed for the digital audience.

Do you want to see the footage of the police incident, ambush, and shootout? Are you searching for a YouTube channel that minutely analyses the shootout or police ambush? Some YouTubers regularly post videos of police incidents involving shootouts at the place of crime. 

This footage helps people understand the minute details of the shootout and whether police had a chance of arresting the culprit. Many channels on the YouTube platform post this type of video, but Donut Operator and  Donuts Raw Police Footage channels are popular among the United States audience. 


Disclaimer: The post content is based on an internet investigation and has information for the audience. It does not intend to malign or tarnish the image of the people mentioned in the blog.

Donuts Operator YouTube Channel:

The Donut operator is a well-known social media personality and former police officer. He worked in South Carolina police for eight years and left the police department in 2018. Cody Garnett, the real name of the Donut Operator, served the police in services like narcotics, K9, and SWAT. 

He started analyzing videos of police incidents and gave his opinion on them. The experience at the police department helped him break down the shootout footage so that every viewer could understand it. Cody’s humor and insight help him gain many followers on his social media platform.

Surprise Attack Donuts Raw Police Footage:

Cody Garnett has recently posted footage that shows two police officers taking a shot at the culprit. The eight-minute two-second video posted on 25th May 2023 has gone viral on different sites and gained over 2 million views in less than two days. On the YouTube platform, it has attracted more than 13 000 comments. 

Some reports suggest that this video is of South Carolina, where police were surprised by the criminal attack. The video shows the police reaching the car and doing his inquiry, but within seconds, the culprit came out of the car firing at the police officer.

Donuts Raw Police Footage shows that other police officials came to the rescue of the inquiring officer, and the criminal was shot in the shootout.

Netizens On YouTube Reacts to the Surprise Attack Video:

The surprise attack video is available on various social media sites but has gained maximum attention on YouTube. Most viewers feared that some people would defend the guy killed in the shootout and blame the cop for killing him. Donut’s video clears many things to the audience and gives a reason for the shootout.

The Surprise attack made it clear that the cops did not intend to shoot the person in the car, but he forced the cops to fire him.

Donuts Raw Police Footage on Reddit:

Cody Garnett has around five video channels, all with slightly different content for United States audiences. Donuts is its prime channel with a subscriber base of 4.2 million. It is also active on other social media sites like Twitter and Twitch. Cody also runs a sub Reddit community named the official subreddit of Donut Operator. 

Some reddit threads also talked about the source of footage for the Donuts operator. According to the discussion, Cody makes shootout video content available in the public domain. Reddit users also advise Cody to make a video on some shootout that needs proper analysis. 

Donuts Raw Police Footage Channel:

This YouTube channel was started on May 9, 2020, and has content unsuitable for every viewer. The content on this channel is mostly raw video footage from different police-related incidents. The channel has a subscriber base of 405k, and the YouTube community found the content on this platform offensive to some audiences. 

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

Donut content is popular among a section of the audience searching for the shootout video with a proper explanation of each sequence during the incident. 

Do you think the Donut video is helping people understand shootouts better? Please comment.

Donuts Raw Police Footage: FAQs

Q.1 Has Donut Operator launched a merchandise line related to its content?

Yes, the Donut operator runs a merchandise line related to shootout content.

Q.2 How many followers does Donut Operator have on Twitter?

The Donut operator has 493.4 k followers on the Twitter platform.

Q.3 How old is the Donut Operator?

Donut Operator’s date of birth is 3rd September 1987, and they will complete 36 years in 2023.

Q.4 What is a Donut Operator Net Worth?

Some estimates suggest that the Donut Operator’s net worth is around $ 2 million.

Q.5 Is the Donuts Raw Police Footage channel owned by the Donut operator?

We have no details about the owner of this channel.

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