Robert Spall Missing Checl The Update on Silver Alert!

Robert Spall Missing: Checl The Update on Silver Alert!

The article discusses the basic facts of Robert Spall Missing and briefly describes this missing case’s current situation.  

Do you know the recent missing news of Robert Spall? Do you know the recent update on Robert? As per the recent update, the Tennessee Investigation Authority has cancelled the “Silver Alert” on 3 October 2022 (Thursday). The investigation authority found the 95 year old person in Georgia. 

The news has also sparked in countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and Nigeria. We need to find out the facts about Robert Spall Missing. 

What was the Missing Case? 

A missing report was reported on 3 October 2022 (Thursday) that an old man was missing. The age of this old man is nearly 95 years. After receiving the complaint, the Tennessee Investigation Team searched to find this old man. 

After searching for a few days, TBI found the person in Georgia. The name of the person is Robert Spall. The investigation authority took her into their safe custody. They also check the medical conditions of this person. Per the Sheriff’s report, the person needs assistance returning home safely.  (All the updated links are present in the social media.)  

Robert Spall Silver Alert

The investigation authority also issued a silver alert. As per the systemic definition, the silver alert means a kind of public notification. In the United States, the investigation authority issued a broadcast notification for the missing person. Straightforwardly, the police want general help to trace the missing person. 

This alert was also issued for Robert Spall. As Robert is too old, the investigation authority issued the silver alert to find him carefully. The silver alert is also given to people who are facing mental problems such as dementia, Alzheimer etc. 

Recent Update on Robert Spall Missing

TBI or Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has started the search operation after having this missing report. The investigation authority also asked for public support via a silver alert. But after a few days, the investigation bureau found Robert in Georgia. 

The TBI took this old person in custody and did the medical check-up. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation also updates its social media account, Twitter. They have posted an image of Robert and disclosed Robert is safe in their custody. 

What about the Silver Alert? 

While the TBI has found the old person in Georgia, the investigation authority has cancelled the Robert Spall Silver AlertAs per the recent report of the investigation team, they officially announce the cancellation news of the silver alert on this Robert Spall case. 

The officer of the investigation team also posted this cancellation news on their official Twitter page.

Social Media Link 

Twitter link for news- 


Here you can check the official Twitter of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation team.


The investigation authority will now take all the initiatives to return Robert to his home; Besides this, you can click the video link on this issue and update yourself by checking the link.

Robert Spall Missing– FAQs

1) What is the name of this missing person? 

  Robert Spall.

2) What is the age of Robert Spall?

95 years old.

3) Is he still alive? 


4) Has he had any mental disorder?

   This needs to be clarified.

5) In which city was Robert found? 


6) When did the team cancel the Silver Line Alert?

    Last Thursday night.

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