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{Full Watch} Rina Palenkova Death Video: What Is Getting Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram & Twitter Media? Checkout Unknown Details!

The below article on Rina Palenkova Death Video will give you a clear insight into the effect of such games on the mental health of teenagers.

Are you aware of the video of Rina Palenkova? This news is going to be discussed Worldwide. It is the news of public interest in a very delicate manner. People are curious to know the fact of the death of a teenage girl.

The Rina Palenkova Death Video will be via a game called Blue Whale. In the article, we will see every aspect of the news to get accurate information.


Disclaimer: We do not support such incidents or promoting any false content. All the facts are taken from reliable sources. 

What about the death video of Rina Palenkova?

A death video is going viral about a Russian girl Rina Palenkova who committed suicide in Infront of the train. She was only a 17-year-old teenage girl. 

It will assume she has attempted suicide while playing a video game challenge Blue Whale. Now people are showing deep interest in the death video of Palenkova.

Viral On Reddit-


Viral On Reddit

The news will also be discussed on Redditt and people are commenting on their views on the death of Rina Palenkova. She committed suicide in 2015 in Ussuriysk, Primorsky Krai, Russia. 

As per the report, she downloaded the game Blue Whale and was a frequent user. Among the participants of the blue whale game challenges, she is known as a hero. The exact cause of her death is the topic of discussion because there is no information about why she committed suicide. 

The video also has been viral through TikTok. Presently the video link is available on this platform because the government has banned it. 

However, one of the statements given by the police claimed that she has issues with her love life. But after her death, her images posted on the social platform with the message goodbye went viral. The photo she took just before when she was going to take her life.

What is the Blue Whale challenge?

It is a suicidal game of 50-task 50 days online for teenagers. It has been claimed by reports that it is responsible for most teenage deaths worldwide. On her Instagram account, you can see photos with a guy and many other images that have been viral after her death.

The girl Rina, a teenager who lived in the south-eastern, posted a photo on 22 November 201. He covered her face with a black scarf and showed that her middle finger was enveloped with dried blood.  

She posted her photo with the excellent bye caption, and she took her life the next day. The girl’s video and images are going viral on several platforms. On Twitter her death video news claimed that she was a user of the blue whale game.

Full Name Rina Palenkova
Date of death November 2015
Cause of death unknown
Nationality Russian
Mother name unknown
Father name Unknown
Affair Not known
Zodiac Sign Not found
School/High School Not found
Education Qualification Not known

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A 17-year old teenage Russian girl, Rina Palenkova committed suicide while playing “Blue Whale. The death video is getting viral on various social accounts and people eagerly want to know the reason. But facts are unknown.

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Rina Palenkova Death Video-FAQs-

Q1 What was her age?

Ans- She was only a 17-year-old girl.

Q.2 From which community did she came?

Ans- She follows the Russian community.

Q.3 What is the reason behind her suicidal death?

Ans- There is no clear evidence about her death; an investigation is still ongoing.

Q.4 What is the name of her parents?

Ans- Not known.

Q.5 Is she a frequent player of the Blue Whale game?

Ans- Yes, she was a player of a suicidal game, the blue whale.

Q.6 Does she commit suicide due to the blue whale game challenge?

Ans- There is no specific evidence to prove this theory.

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