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Rhinos Flyland (Aug) Token Price, How to Buy? Chart

Rhinos Flyland (Aug) Token Price, How to Buy? Chart >> Here, in this article, we will read in detail about a blockchain. Read the whole article to have complete information.

The gaming world has developed a lot in recent years, and even the crypto market has improved a lot. So if you merge these two industries, you’ll get something very extraordinary; you can get games through which you can earn actual cryptos. Yes! And such games even exist. One such famous game is Rhinos Flyland which has gained popularity in the Philippines in recent times. 

Players can earn real crypto through this game. Let’s read more about this exciting game. 

What is Rhinos Flyland?

This game is built on blockchain, which means that the players of this game are allowed to earn some income by breeding, training, trading etc. the digital pets inside the game are called RINOs. The main task of the players of this game is to collect as many rhinos as possible and then use them for breeding, trading, training etc. 

Through the Rhinos Flyland game, the makers also want to raise awareness about the endangered species of Rhinos around the world and protect the African wildlife. The crypto used in this game is known as Rhinos Token. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). A 4% of tax is cut on every transaction of the rhino token, of which 2% goes to the holder, the other 1% is auto-locked into liquidity, and the last 1% goes into the budget to push awareness about the African Wildlife and bring in investments. This is how Rhinos Flyland aims towards improving African Wildlife. 

RHO Price Statistics:

  • RHO Price – $0.000000052145
  • Market Cap- Not Available 
  • Market Cap Dominance- 0.00%
  • Trading Volume- $272,161
  • 24h Low/ 24h High- $0.000000029767/ $0.000000108910
  • 7d Low/ 7d High- $0.000000012899/ $0.000000102629
  • All- Time High- $0.000000108910
  • All- Time Low- $0.000000010242

How to buy RHO Coin?

  • For the first step, you need to buy a primary cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. You need to register on some Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange like Uphold or Coinbase and finish up the KYC process. 
  • Now you should buy Bitcoin with Fiat money. 
  • Now that you have purchased Bitcoin, you need to transfer it to an Altcoin Exchange to get the Rhinos Flyland coin finally. The last thing you need to do to get the coin is to convert your BTC into RHO. But RHO is listed on PancakeSwap, so it will take few steps to get to the final result. But don’t worry, we’ll guide you on how to use PancakeSwap to get RHO. 

How to buy RHO from Pancake Swap?

PancakeSwap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which means it is not necessary to do any KYC process for trading. Instead, the users need to manage their private key of 

  • Their altcoin wallet. This key cannot be retrieved through any method if lost. Thus the users must take proper care of the key. To get the Rhinos Flyland coin to follow the given steps.
  • Since PancakeSwap is a DEX that runs on Binance Smart Chain, it would be easier to trade all BEP-20 tokens on the platform. 
  • Transfer your BTC to Binance, convert it to BNB.
  • Now send it to your wallet and then finally swap the BNB coin for RHO on PancakeSwap. 


Here in this article, we will read about each detail related to a blockchain game, which is getting very famous nowadays, so basically, we will read about Rhinos Flyland blockchain  game and how to purchase it. Know here how you can spot a bitcoin scammer.

Have you ever played a blockchain game? If yes, then share your experience.

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