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Reedsburg Bus Accident: Find School District Latest Updates Now!

Today’s Reedsburg Bus Accident article share facts about an incident experienced by a student waiting for a pickup bus.

Did the Reedsburg student die in a bus accident? What happened to the student? How was The Reedsburg student killed? After the reports of the Reedsburg student were highlighted on social networks, people from the United States and many other nations began searching for it.

A pickup truck is believed to hit a teenager from Reedsburg who seemed to have fatal injuries. People are concerned if the Reedsburg accident killed the boy or did he survive. So, let us read the facts on Reedsburg Bus Accident in this guide below.



Our objective is to explain some facts, offer few insights on a frequently discussed subject, and not assign blame or express judgment.

What happened in the bus accident at Reedsburg?

According to the Sauk County’s Office of the Sheriff, a middle school kid was struck by a pickup vehicle when trying to get on an educational vehicle on Friday, May 12, 2023, the morning in Excelsior Town. The boy who suffered the accident was dead as a result.

In a press release, the Reedsburg School District stated that the child, whose identity was not made public, joined Webb Middle School.

How did the Reedsburg School District bus accident occur?

As the Office of the Sheriff stated, the bus halted close to Northwoods Drive shortly before 7:30 a.m. while traveling west across State Highway 23/33. While a Ford F-150 approached the bus behind them, the students still needed to get on. 

Authorities found that the driver failed to slow down at the right moment and turned right to miss the educational institution’s bus. After the passing away of the child who was hit by a pickup truck on May 12, 2023, as she boarded a school bus, 33 Wisconsin Highway in Excelsior Town was shut down.

Did the student survive the Reedsburg Bus Accident?

According to the Sheriff’s Department, the full truck ultimately sideswiped the bus while crossing a driveway and hitting the pupil. The pupil was declared deceased at the site despite the first officials’ best efforts to save his life.

According to the Sheriff’s Office declaration, most pupils aboard the school bus were hurt. They were escorted to Webb Middle School following the collision so that they would be rejoined with their loved ones. 

Who was the Reedsburg School District incident accused?

According to the Sheriff’s Department, the truck’s driver, whose identity has likewise remained a secret, received minor wounds. Reconstruction teams spent many hours at the location gathering information while the collision was being investigated. The motorway, which had been shut down since the accident, resumed just after midday.

Where to reach for information about the Reedsburg accident?

Contact the Sauk County Sheriff’s Department at 1-888-847-7285 with any collision details. The school system dispatched counselors to each institution to assist any kids or employees who required it. 

Reedsburg Bus Accident obituary:

The school officials stated that the accident of their student would significantly impact every member of their community and is a tragic period for the district. They added that their thoughts are still with the affected students, families, and members of their close-knit neighborhood.

Was the Reedsburg student’s family informed?

According to the sheriff’s department, the vehicle collided in a ditch on the roadside. According to officials, nobody aboard the school bus was wounded, but the pickup truck driver was slightly injured.

The student’s family was informed, but officials withheld details concerning the student or the pickup driver. Besides, the school statement included information about canceling the athletic events this Friday and Saturday.

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A pickup vehicle in Wisconsin crashed into and hit a middle school boy. He was awaiting the arrival of a school bus on Friday, May 12, 2023, after failing to slow down immediately. The victim was declared dead at the site. 

Do you have details of the Reedsburg accident? Share how to avoid such incidents.

Reedsburg Bus Accident: FAQs

Q1. What happened in Reedsburg?

A student at Reedsburg met with an accident.

Q2. What happened to the Reedsburg accident?

The Reedsburg’s Webb Middle School student died in the accident around 7:20 a.m. on 23/33 Highway in Excelsior Town, Madison, northwest Madison.

Q3. Why did the pickup bus at the accident location?

On the highway’s north side, a school bus at Reedsburg arrived to pick up the students.

Q4. What happened to the student at Reedsburg accident?

The student was hit by the pickup truck after its operator struggled to stop in duration, collided with the bus, and hit the victim. 

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