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Beach Palm School of Nursing: Curious To know The Facts Behind College Scam? What Happened To State? Checkout Unknown Details Here!

Read the news article on Beach Palm School of Nursing to know about the scam scheme it’s involved in.

Do you know about the Palm Beach School of nursing scam? Are you curious to know more details on the illegal licensing of nursing schools? Who are the main culprits running the fraud nursing schools? For more updates on the fraud, nursing schools keep reading the blog. 

Also, we will discuss in detail the reason behind this trending news, especially in the United States and Canada. So keep reading the Beach Palm School of Nursing blog until the finish.


Disclaimer- The present article deals with information related to the Palm Beach nursing school scam and doesn’t advertise any illegal content to the readers.

What is the Palm Beach Nursing school scam?

Around twenty-five people are charged with illegal nursing licensing fraud provided to aspiring nurses. The wire fraud includes Palm Beach Nursing School and two other schools in Florida involved in the Scam. 

The other two schools involved in the Scam are Siena College and Sacred Heart International Institute. We have attached the social media links in the below section.

What Happened To Palm Beach Nursing School?

The Palm Beach nursing school, along with two other schools involved in running a scam, and the defendants sold above 7,600 fake nursing diplomas to the nursing candidates in Florida, said the Federal officers of Miami in a news conference. 

Further, the official said that the fake schemes also involved license practical and registered job placements for aspiring nurses. As punishment, the defendants now have to face 20 years of imprisonment.

Who is involved in the Scam?

The persons involved in the Scam are:-

  • Krystal Lopez.
  • Norberto Lopez.
  • Cassandre Jean.
  • Damian Lopez.

Know the Palm Beach State College wiki!

The below table will help the readers to know about Palm Beach college.

Real Name Palm Beach State College.
Former Names Palm Beach Junior College, Palm Beach Community College.
Establishment year 1933.
President  Ava Parker.
Administrative staffs 1,099.
Students 26,666.
Location Lake Worth, Florida, U.S.
Parent Institution Florida College System.

Statement of the officials about the Scam

The students paid $114 million for the nursing diplomas to the scam nursing colleges. The authorities said that under the diploma, the fake nursing schools qualified the students to sit for the national nursing board examination. 

About 7,600 nursing students purchased this fake diploma from the Florida Nursing School Scam, about 30% in the U.S., as the authority’s estimates.

Is the nursing scam a threat to public health?

Markenzy Lapointe, the South District U.S. Attorney, said that fake nurse licensing is a serious concern for public safety & health.

Also, the news spread on the Reddit platform, and a Redditor shared the news on Reddit.

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The fake nursing schools got the appropriate punishments for their wrongdoing. For more clarification on the Palm Beach Nursing School scam, watch the video now.

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 Beach Palm School of Nursing-FAQs

Q1. Is Palm Beach School of Nursing under investigation?

Yes, it allegedly provided fake nursing diplomas to more than 7 6000 candidates.

Q2. Which schools provided fake nursing diplomas in Florida?

Three schools Palm Beach School of Nursing, Siena College, and Sacred Heart International Institute.

Q3. When was the Palm Beach School of Nursing closed?

It closed down in 2017.

Q4. Why did Palm Beach School of nursing close?

It closed down as it secured low scores in the licensure exam and lost its license.

Q5. What is the Florida nursing scam investigation process called?

It is named “Operation Nightingale.”

Q6. Who was involved in “Operation Nightingale”?

It involved the U.S. Health Department in it.

Q7. What are the names of the students who received the fake diploma?

The name of those students is not revealed yet.

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