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[Updated] Qistina Lim Age: Who Is She? Explore Her Wikipedia Details

Do you want to know about Qistina Lim Age? Are you eager to learn her age? Qistina Lim has been popular across Malaysia since she tied the knot with Musa Hassan.

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Qistina Lim Age

The recent marriage between Musa Hassan and Qistina Lim has been in discussion. Musa Hassan is a retired police officer in Malaysia, and he got married for the third time. Qistina is also a talented and popular actress. However, there needs to be clearer details about her age. But it has been not easy to find the details about her date of birth and age. People are interested to know about her from Qistina Lim WikipediaQistina has been in discussion since she tied the knot with the former Malaysian Police officer. Musa Hassan had a bright career in law enforcement and completed his service successfully. He was responsible for upholding the peace and order in the country. He served for 40 years and served the people being in the service.

Who Is Qistina Lim?

People are interested to know about Qistina Lim. She is a popular actress known for her television show “Go Iguanas!” (2028). She was also known for “Go Iguanas! S.H.E. Crets (2019). She earned more fame after her film Mission Atlantis (2020). Qistina is popular for showing extremely genuine talent in her works, including singing and acting. She has built a successful career in acting and singing only because of her passion and dedication. Qistina Lim Biodata also give details about important work in her life. Her talent in acting and singing proves that she has a great passion for her work. Her sincerity and dedication helped her to climb the ladder of success within a short period. Musa has got a gifted singer and actress in his life. People are discussing about her talent and hard work. People are filling them with good wishes for a successful and happy marriage.

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Qistina Lim Wikipedia

There are many details about Qistina on Wikipedia. But it has been not easy to find the details about her date of birth and age. Since her date of birth is unavailable, her age is also not disclosed. Although there are no details about her age, people assume different age numbers. Since Hassan was Inspector General of Police, he has a unique blend with Qistina. People are interested to know Who Is Qistina LimSince there are few details about Qistina, people are more interested to know about her. The couple shared the pictures of their special day. The photos surfaced online on various social media platforms. Their wedding ceremony was held in a reputed hotel located in Malaysia. However, it was observed as a secret ceremony. According to the report, their close friends and relatives were present. Qistina Lim Biodata has many details regarding her personal and professional life.

About the Marriage

The marriage between Musa and Qistina will open a new chapter of their lives. Both of them have been interesting persons in their personal and professional lives. People are also expecting the best from them. Moreover, their well-wishers are wishing a happy married life. People have also found their marriage interesting. People are sharing pictures of their wedding ceremony.

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Qistina Lim has been a popular topic on the internet since her marriage to Musa Hassan. People are inquiring about Qistina Lim AgeHowever, there are few details about her life except her acting career. To know more, please visit the link.

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