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{Full Watch} Gurpreet Kaur Sehaj Arora Video Leaked On Telegram: Explore Details On Mms, Age

Details About Gurpreet Kaur Sehaj Arora Video Leaked On Telegram, Viral Footage, Mms and Age.

Who is Gurpreet Kaur? Who is Sehaj Arora? What type of video of Gurpreet Kaur has been leaked? Is the leaked video real or Fake? If you are also wondering about Gurpreet Kaur Sehaj Arora Video Leaked On Telegram, then read this article. People from IndiaCanada, and the United Kingdom are fans of this couple and want to know the facts. 

Gurpreet Kaur Sehaj Arora Video Leaked On Telegram

As per the reports, a video allegedly of the famous Khulhad Pizza couple went viral a few days ago. The video has very mature and explicit content. It showed some private moments between a couple in which the male’s face was not revealed, but the woman’s face was visible. The netizens were shocked to see Gurpreet Kaur in the video.

The female in the video was wearing red bangles, and it was assumed that the Sehaj Arora Gurpreet Kaur Viral Video was recorded after their wedding. But, the couple denied the rumors and disowned the video. The couple then took the legal route and filed a complaint with the police. Sehaj Arora (Gurpreet’s husband) posted a video on his Instagram and talked about his ordeal. He said how someone asked for money and threatened them to leak their private pictures, but he didn’t pay attention to it as they had a newborn baby to take care of.   

Gurpreet Kaur Mms & More

After they filed the complaint, police acted swiftly and tried to hunt down the culprit. As per Sehaj, they received threatening messages a few weeks ago, and after a few days, the video was leaked. As per further research on the case, a police officer’s video was located in which he was talking about this case and told that a girl named Sonia, age 23, had been arrested as a culprit in the Khulhad Pizza couple viral video case.

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Gurpreet Kaur Age & More

The couple got married in 2021, and they are famous for selling unique styles of Pizza in a Khulhad (clay mug). The couple became a viral sensation on the internet more than a year ago. They gained fame due to their Khulhad Pizza, and now they are also working as social media influencers. The age of Gurpreet is unknown, but she appears to be around 28 years. The couple gave birth to a baby boy just a few days ago, and the Sehaj Arora Gurpreet Kaur Viral Video controversy happened.   

Social Media Details 

Instagram Account of Gurpreet

Gurpreet has 467 thousand followers.

Instagram Account of Sehaj

Sehaj has 575 thousand followers.

Facebook Page of Khulhad Pizza Couple:

This page has 30 thousand followers and 2.8 thousand likes. 

YouTube Page of Khulhad Pizza Couple:

The couple has more than 330 thousand subscribers and has posted 242 videos. 

Twitter Account:

The Gurpreet Kaur Mms controversy is being discussed on Twitter.


The article on Gurpreet Kaur’s leaked video has discussed the authenticity of that video as the Jalandhar police have arrested a 23-year-old girl named Sonia as a culprit. Sehaj Arora filed a police complaint against the video and told everyone that the video was fake. He also mentioned receiving threatening messages and culprits asking for money, not privately, to release the videos. Ever since the couple has gone viral. Click here and watch the video where Sehaj explained everything

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Disclaimer: The video talked about in the article has explicit content. We have not provided a link. 

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