Punani Coin (May) Chart, How to Buy Contract Address

Punani Coin (Jun) Chart, How to Buy? Contract Address

Punani Coin (Jun) Chart, How to Buy? Contract Address >> The guide shares details about the new ALT coin launched recently and creating news in the Crypto market.      

Every day new token or coin is introduced in the Crypto marketplace, creating confusion amongst the investors and buyers in the United States. However, despite all the hype in the Crypto marketplace, Punani manages to make a swift place in the market, luring investors with its increasing market cap. 

It is the new Crypto coin or token launched recently in May 2021. Since it is a new Crypto coin, it lacks many vital details and information. 

If you plan to invest in the newly launched Crypto token, please continue reading the post to collect more information on Punani Coin.

What is Punani?

Punani is the newly launched ALT coin in the Crypto Marketplace, and it is creating a buzz amongst the investors in the United States. Despite being a new ALT coin in the market, it has managed to mark its position in the Crypto Chart with a market cap of $1 058 602.

The Crypto Coin is newly launched, and hence many details regarding its founder are missing. However, the coin is available for trade, buy and sell online on BSC Smart Chain and PooCoin App. The holders of Punani Crypto coin can benefit from it if they consider it a long-term investment. 

The Crypto Coin has more than 1765 holders worldwide, and it has registered a total of 7309 transfers to date. The Crypto Coin has managed to have over 1700 holders in just 24 hrs. 

It is amazing and interesting for a Crypto coin to have such a huge number of holders in 24 hours. The social profile of Crypto Coin shares a few details about the coin, which will be shared in this post. 

Who is the Founder of Punani Coin?

The developer and founder of the Crypto Coin is not disclosed to the holders and investors. However, we have browsed the social page of the coin and found that the owner of the coin is @therealmrcrypto or Mistercrypto. 

After browsing, we found the social page of the creator where some valuable information is shared for the users. 

The Market Cap and Price

The Crypto coin is created not for the world but the Cryptobulls. It is available for purchase on BSC Smart Chain and PooCoin App. The Punani Token is available with the market capitalization of $902 764, and it has managed to reach the market cap of 1 million is just 24 hrs. 

The present price of the Crypto Token is $69.51 in BSC Smart Chain. Since it has managed to reach a huge market cap in less than 24 hours, investors are lured and looking for the contract address to purchase it. 

The Coin Supply and Holders

The coin has been in circulation, and a total of 100 000 000 000 has been in supply to date. There are more than 1765 holders of the Punani Coin.

How to Buy the Crypto Coin?

Buyers have to use the BSC Smart Chain to buy the Crypto Coin, and they need to have a trusted digital wallet and BNB to exchange for Punani. However, the contract address is also essential for buying the coin.

The contract address is 0xa19b8a4f3f6563853a02f44b551e51501ead4c11. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Official Website of Punani?

A – The official website is punanitoken.com; however, it redirects the users to the social page of the coin.

What is the Contract Address of Punani?

A – The contract address is 0xa19b8a4f3f6563853a02f44b551e51501ead4c11.

How Many Holders are There?

A – There are over 1765 holders worldwide. 

To Sum Up

Punani Coin is the newly launched Crypto Coin, and it has a whopping market cap. However, many details are missing, and hence, investors have to research more before buying the coin. Please click here to know the best apps to trade Crypto coins in 2021.

Do you hold the Crypto Coin? How you bought it? Please share your experiences in the comments section.

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