Safewolf Token Contract Address (May 2021) Price, Chart!

Safewolf Token Contract Address (Jun 2021) Price, Chart!

Safewolf Token Contract Address (Jun 2021) Price, Chart! >> The following article is based on a unique and interesting crypto token that has plenty of rewards for everyone.

Are you a crypto coin enthusiast? Are you looking for a new high-yielding crypto token to invest in it? Yes?

In this article, you will get all the details about SAFEWOLF like the Safewolf Token Contract Address, price per crypto-token, statistics, etc. People Worldwide have started to invest more and more in cryptocurrencies as they give much higher profits.

Please read this article carefully as cryptocurrencies have market risk, and one should understand every detail before investing in them.


SafeWolf is one of the only few crypto coins which has two functions for each transaction. SAFEWOLF announces the most revolutionary method to the BSC network. Safewolf develops an original Dump Prevention Mechanism that guarantees that the crypto’s value increases at all times.

We have seen a sudden spike in the SAFEWOLF’s price in the recent past. The Safewolf Token Contract Address is 0x44ddd0cBB5cFDfEDa22C14be8628A4eA3a555f1e. Crypto experts have predicted that the spike seen before in the token’s price will repeat itself. 

About SafeWolf Token’s Founders.

SAFEWOLF is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) community-based and driven initiative. That means that the crypto token isn’t owned by a particular person or company. The SAFEWOLF is deflationary crypto that aims to give prizes to its holders deprived of the need to palisade it.

Safewolf Token’s Price Chart and Supply Statistics 

  • The current market price of the token is $0.000000145644 per SAFEWOLF.
  • Safewolf’s current Market Cap is estimated at $95,811.
  • As mentioned, the Safewolf Token Contract Address is 0x44ddd0cBB5cFDfEDa22C14be8628A4eA3a555f1e.
  • The total supply of the crypto is 1,000,000,000,000 SAFEWOLF.
  • Total Initial Burn – 300,000,000,000.
  • SAFEWOLF’s total liquidity is said to be around 345,000,000,000.

How to Buy Safewolf Token?

  1. Initially, Trust Wallet is required to be moved from the Smartphone application and the MetaMask i.e the Crypto wallet extension too.
  2. Purchase BNB or BSC digital coins on a conversion such as Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken. 
  3. Extract Binance token into the Trust Wallet. Now open Trust Wallet, go to Smart Chain, and click receive. 
  4. Copy the wallet address and go to Binance again and paste the copied address in the Recipient’s BNB address (Not the Safewolf Token Contract Address). Click on the Binance Smart Chain and transfer it into Trust Wallet. 
  5. Clack on Pancakeswap in the Trust Wallet application. It is alluring how little the price of the token is however be accurate. Move-in the quantity you need to convert into SAFEWOLF from BNB. 
  6. In currency field, paste 0x44ddd0cBB5cFDfEDa22C14be8628A4eA3a555f1e.
  7. Click on Swap and you’re done.


  • What is the All-time-high price of SAFEWOLF?

ANS – The all-time high of SAFEWOLF was seen at $0.0000001700.

  • How much are the Token’s holdings in BNB?

ANS – The token’s holdings in BNB – 148.19 BNB (equivalent to $54,350). For more details visit their official website.


Today, we saw about one unique crypto-token and the Safewolf Token Contract Address. We also saw all its features and specifications. Read here to know the Best Cryptocurrency To Invest 2022

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