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Port Newark Firefighters Killed: Where And When Port Newark Firefighters Killed? Are Two Firefighters Killed? Check Full Incident Details

This article exposed details on Port Newark Firefighters Killed and where the fire caught and fire trap and more.

Are firefighters were killed? Where did the incident happen? When were the firefighters killed? The two firefighters were killed in Port Newark on Wednesday. People from the United States, Indiaand other countries are worrying about the incident and the firefighters who were killed in the trap. Read Port Newark Firefighters Killed article to know more about the incident and about the firefighters and more.


Who was killed in Port Newark?

Two Newark firefighters trapped and killed were killed while fighting a ship fire. On Wednesday night, in Port Newark, a ship stopped because of a fire accident. The fire happened around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday night at Marsh Street and Export Street in Newark. 

Newark Firefighters went to the fire accident location. They got an alert that reported many vehicles on fire. This incident happened on Port Newark’s ship. In that battle, two firefighters were killed.

New Jersey Firefighters Killed

Fire teams are still battling on the scene at Port Newark. That fire accident killed two firefighter’s lives in Newark and five firefighters are badly injured.

The fire happened on the cargo ship of Grande Costa D’Avorioin Port Newark. The fire was reignited on Thursday around 6 p.m. 

Administrators say the fire happened on Wednesday around 9:30 p.m. Fires spread up from level 10 to level 12. In this cargo ship fire accident, many vehicles caught fire. However, after an hour a SOS alert was called and two firefighters were trapped in the cargo ship.

Are Two Firefighters Killed?

On Wednesday in the fire trap that happened in the cargo ship, two Newark firefighters were killed and other five firefighters were badly injured.

Administrators identified and confirmed the heroic efforts of those killed in firefighting. Augusto Acabou, 45-year-old and Wayne Brooks, Jr. 49-year-old are the two firefighters who died in the battle.

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Five firefighters were badly injured in the battle. Among these two were from Elizabeth and three were from Newark. Their wounds ranged from injuries to burn and heat exhaustion. Continue reading more about 2 Newark Firefighters Killed and more in the below section.

Fire accident at Port Newark 

News reports mentioned that caught explosions on the cargo ship. It may happen from the car tires bursting due to some damage. Officers say that the containers of the cargo ship were loaded with hundreds of vehicles.

Fire squads were battling with the temperatures early in the 90s. It was one of the hottest incidents of 2023 so far.

Social media platform posts have been decanted from the New Jersey PBA and the Port Authority PBA members and local fire divisions. Gov. Murphy alleged in a declaration that this disaster is a sore reminder of the firefighter’s face.

Port Newark Firefighters Killed    

In the cargo ship fire, two firefighters died on Wednesday. The authorities said that in any situation the department has a loss of life. Gov. Phil Murphy stated that as per the civic affairs, a complete post-mortem will be done for the firefighters who died in the fire trap.

Cargo ship with the Italian flag at the Port Newark Authority. The official mentioned that there were multiple authorities reviewing this post-mortem to figure out why it happened, what happened, and to prevent it. And also, Governor Phil Murphy ordered that to fly all state flags at half on Friday. Read Port Newark Firefighters Killed article for more details about the fire trap.  

International Association of Firefighters

On Wednesday during the fire battle at Port Newark, Edward Kelly, the International Association of Firefighters general president tweeted on Twitter as to pray for Newark’s safety, New Jersey firefighters fighting in the difficult ship fire in the Port Newark.

Italian-flagged Cargo Ship

Italian-flagged container owners said there were 157 cargo containers and over 1,200 vehicles on board. The owners also mentioned that no electric vehicles nor dangerous cargo were on board. The container in the cargo ship is 692 feet long and 47,232 tons. Unfortunately, Port Newark Firefighters Killed in the fire accident.

The two firefighters lost their lives in the fire battle. They were Augusto Augie Acabou, 45 years old, and Wayne Bear Brooks Jr., 49 years old. Both firefighters were trapped in the ship after the fire around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday evening in onboard the Grande Costa D’avorio cargo ship. The crew members and stevedores were loading vehicles on the containers aboard the docked ship.

When the fire caught on Wednesday, Union, Essex, Hudson, and Bergen firefighters provided shared aid. Fire Department of New York spokesperson mentioned four special operation teams also responded to rescue marine units. 

Where Port Newark Firefighters Killed?

2 firefighters were killed in the fighting glare on a cargo ship at a New Jersey port. The cargo ship was on board and it was carrying more than 1,000 vehicles in the container. The Italian-flagged cargo ship Grande Costa d’Avorio was built in 2011. 

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The two firefighters died battling the major fire on a cargo ship at Port Newark on Wednesday evening. And also five other firefighters were badly injured. Click the link to get the Port Newark Major Fire Update

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Port Newark Firefighters Killed: FAQ

Q1. Where did the fire accident happen? 

Port Newark.

Q2. What happened in Port Newark?

Grande Costa D’Avorio cargo ship fired

Q3. Is there any loss in the ship fire?

Yes. Two firefighters have died

Q4. When did the Fire incident happen in Port Newark?

On Wednesday around 9:30 pm

Q5. Who is trapped in the fire battle?

Two firefighters.

Q6. What was the name of the firefighters who were killed in Newark?

Augusto Acabou and Wayne Brooks

Q7. Who is the general president of the International Association of Firefighters?

Edward Kelly

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