Reid Snellenbarger Lazard Linkedin: Who Is Reid Snellenbarger Wife? What Did Reid Snellenbarger Do? Check Full Information Here

Reid Snellenbarger Lazard LinkedIn will talk about the news of a top restructuring employee of Lazard Ltd. and what happened to him.

Are you also aware of the news related to Reid Snellenbarger? Who is he, and why is he making headlines? Why is his wife’s name coming in the news? Do you have any idea of this news? 

People of the United States are looking for the reason for what happened to him and what he has done. We are here with a post on Reid Snellenbarger Lazard LinkedIn for detailed information on this news.


What is the latest news?

According to reports, the latest news is from Lazard Ltd, a financial advisory and asset management firm. It is known that the company has fired one of its co-heads who is handling it in North America. It all happened just a month after he joined the firm.

Initially, the spokesperson of the company did not reveal any detail on why they had taken such action and not even the name. However, slowly the news spread and now it has been the talk of the town.

What Did Reid Snellenbarger Do?

According to the report, Reid Snellenbarger Lazard Ltd., Co-head, was hired in the month of April and was co-head of restructuring in North America. But he was fired from the company on the fourth of July. The reason that came out of it is Reid Snellenbarger’s inappropriate behaviour towards his colleagues, which is against the firm’s values.

According to the report, this incident did not happen on the company premise. It is said to be reported at an off-site event. This off-site event was a pool party attended by co-workers. Despite requests for comment and claims on Reid Snellenbarger Party matter, he chose not to reply publicly.

How did Lazard react to the whole matter?

The company informed staff that a managing director had been sacked for acting “in a manner both inappropriate and incompatible with our values,” A Lazard spokesperson issued a statement saying, “We are not giving any further detail on the incident out of respect for our colleagues who this individual’s behaviour may have impacted.”

Peter Orszag, who will be the new CEO of Lazard, informed that the company acted quickly to investigate the matter and terminate Snellenbarger in an internal memo.

Who is Snellenbarger- Reid Snellenbarger Lazard LinkedIn?

Reid Snellenbarger, 48, holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Purdue University and graduated in 1998. Snellenbarger seems to be well known in the Chicago area because he is on the board of the Illinois Make-a-Wish Foundation. Apart from this, he was a member of the Turnaround Management Association and the American Bankruptcy Institute. Before joining Lazard Ltd., Snellenbarger was a managing Director-Financial Restructuring at Houlihan Lokey, Inc.

In 2016, he represented former blog publisher Gawker Media Group Inc. as an investment banker in the $135 million sale of its websites to Univision Holdings Inc. Additionally, he advised the insolvent mortgage servicer Ditech Holding Corp., whose 2019 business sale for $1.8 billion received permission.

Reid Snellenbarger Wife– Who is she?

In July of last year, Snellenbarger and his wife Rebecca purchased a $7 million property on the beaches of Lake Geneva. The house is situated at W2912 Walcowis Drive in the Town of Linn and has 100 feet of lake frontage on a 1.5-acre forested lot.

According to state real estate transfer records, the house buyers are D. Reid and Rebecca Snellenbarger of Wilmette, Illinois. They bought it from Douglas Powell Trust.

About Lazard Ltd.

Lazard Ltd. is a global financial advisory and asset management firm. It was founded in 1848 and is headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda (incorporation), with a Head office at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, New York, United States (operational).

Reid Snellenbarger Reddit was co-head of restructuring in North America and was fired.

Lazard operates in various locations worldwide, including major financial centres such as New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo.

Lazard is primarily known for its financial advisory services, advising corporations, governments, and other institutions on mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and capital structure. The company assists its clients in making strategic decisions, evaluating financial opportunities, and navigating complex financial transactions.

In addition to its advisory services, Lazard also manages assets through its asset management division. This division offers a range of investment strategies and products to institutional and individual investors, including mutual funds, hedge funds, and private equity funds.


Reid Snellenbarger Lazard LinkedIn information is taken from various news sources online. We are not making any allegations through our posts.


We have discussed the most-talked news from a global financial advisory and asset management firm, Lazard. The company fired its top restructuring employee over the matter of inappropriate behaviour. Not much information was provided regarding this news from the company, but the news spread all over the media. You can know about the company Lazard Ltd. here.

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Reid Snellenbarger Lazard LinkedIn- FAQs

Q1. Who is Reid Snellenbarger?

Reid Snellenbarger is a member of the Turnaround Management Association and the American Bankruptcy Institute. Snellenbarger was also a managing Director-Financial Restructuring at Houlihan Lokey, Inc.

Q2. What is the name of his wife?

Rebecca Snellenbarger was his wife.

Q3. Does he have kids?

Yes, he is a family man and has four kids.

Q4. Which company has he been working for recently?

According to Reid Snellenbarger Lazard LinkedIn, from April 2023Snellenbarger was working as a co-head of restructuring in North America at Lazard Ltd.

Q5. What did he do?

According to sources, the company terminated him in just a month over a matter of improper behaviour with a co-worker at an off-company event.

Q6. What did the company spokesperson have to say regarding his termination?

The company acted quickly to look into this matter and terminate him but did not reveal the name or any details. It states that “We are not giving any further detail on the incident out of respect for our colleagues who this individual’s behaviour may have impacted.”

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