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Port Mann Alex Fraser Bridge: Check If port mann bridge closed Today!

Read exclusive details unavailable elsewhere about Port Mann Alex Fraser Bridge closure to know the key reasons and reopening schedule.

Did you know that severe weather conditions were predicted in Canada on 21st-December-2022? However, its impact was felt from 23rd-December-2022 due to high winds, heavy snow, and severe icy rain. The ministry twitted about closure of both bridges on 23rd-December-2022 at 10:32 AM.

Though ice storms are common in the winter season in Canada, this time, the ‘Ice Bomb Cyclone’ is severe. Would you like to know if Port Mann Alex Fraser Bridge was closed?


About the closure of bridges:

Yes, the Port Mann and Alex Fraser bridges are closed until further notice due to the risk of ice falling from the cables of bridges onto the vehicles. Let’s first check the risk involved in falling ice, specifically from these two bridges.

Alex Fraser bridge is also located in British Columbia, Canada. Similar to the Port Mann bridge, it is aided by a collared system of cable-stayed supported by strong pillars measuring 505 feet. It helps 119,000 traffic commuters of Richmond, New Westminster, and North Delta in Greater Vancouver.

Is port mann bridge closed?

Yes, Port Mann bridge is located in British Columbia, Canada is closed. It is the second largest bridge, 65 meters wide, with ten lanes and a light rail line. The bridge is stable with the aid of cable-stayed, supported by strong pillars measuring 213 feet. 

Both bridges have cable-stayed collar systems to remove snow build-ups on the cable.

By now, you may have understood that cables of bridges are attached to strong pillars raised at an enormous height. Further, the collar cable system automatically helps maintain the bridges and removes ice accumulation on the cables.

Hence, the ice blocks will fall from Port Mann Alex Fraser Bridge from a considerable height could be heavy enough to damage commuter vehicles severely. 

Though ice accumulation is observed yearly in the winter, this time, the weather conditions are more severe than in previous years. Due to the severity of the icy storm, it is called the ‘Ice Bomb Cyclone.’ The Ice Bomblowered the temperature to -15°C. Temperature in Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver will drop to -25°. 

The icy conditions can freeze the blood of human beings, resulting in dead tissues, and in the worst cases, surgery is required.Therefore, if ice falls from the cables, it will be in huge blocks. Henceforth, port mann bridge closed today due to the Ice Bomb cyclone resulting in heavy snow deposits on the cables.

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Southbound Hwy# 91A, East West Connector, Northbound Hwy# 91/17, Hwy# 17, and Nordel were advised as detours for Alex Fraser bridge commuters. Metro Vancouver and the Delta area are suggested for detours via George Massey Tunnel. The ministry has advised people not to travel unless due to extreme reasons.

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Port Mann Alex Fraser Bridge – FAQ

1Q. What was the reaction to Twitter of @drivebc and @tranbc?

Twitter users commented that the ministry seems to have given up early and questioned why not close all bridges.

2Q. Till when the bridges remain closed?

The bridges will remain closed till the end of the Ice Bomb cyclone and till warm conditions make travel safe.

3Q. What incidents occurred on both bridges?

Several windshields of cars were damaged due to ice falling from above the bridges from high cables, indicating risk to life of Port Mann Alex Fraser Bridge commuters.

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