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Pet Simulator 99 Merch Codes: Read Details On Script, And Wiki

Check out Pet Simulator 99 Merch Codes, Script, Huge Pets and the Game Wiki in this post!

Are you looking for information about the Pet Simulator 99 game? Have you got the chance to play the game? People from the United Kingdom and the United States wanted to know about the script and the pets in the Pet Simulator 99 game. Let us describe your details through Pet Simulator 99 Merch Codes in this post.

What are the latest Pet Simulator 99 Merch Codes?

Pet Simulator is the most popular Roblox game, and Pet Simulator 99 is the newest game instalment in the series. Followers of the Pet Simulator game are excited about the launch of this game. Fortunately, the game is now accessible. However, many are struggling to get the codes to use in the game. So, let us tell you that, at present, there aren’t any Pet Simulator 99 codes available to the general public. The game was launched yesterday; there is a chance the developers will release the codes soon. If Roblox developers release codes for Pet Simulator 99, we’ll post them here.

How do you Redeem the code of Pet Simulator 99 Pets once it is available?

Once the code is available, you can follow the steps to redeem the code:

  • Open the game and Pets Menu.
  • Click the Shopping icon at the bottom of the screen and choose the Exclusive Shop option.
  • Navigate to the very bottom and click the Redeem button.
  • Once you have the code, enter it in the text box.
  • Hit the redeem button to get the rewards. 

If the codes you have entered are the way they are, you will receive the respective rewards. Please remember codes are case-sensitive. These codes are bundled with tangible stuff and other collectables, so enjoy them as they are.

What is the latest Pet Simulator 99 Script?

Scripts are programming codes that help players get extra benefits just like they get using the codes. By using Pet Simulator 99 scripts, players can move exclusive pets and other stuff from the old game to the new. Unfortunately, PS 99 scripts are unavailable at present. But make sure to check our updated page for Pet Simulator 99 Script when the scripts are available.

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What are the available pets in the Pet Simulator 99 game?

We know the Pet Simulator Roblox game starts with simple pets like cats and dogs, and after buying new eggs, players can upgrade them. Similarly, PS 99 is about collecting powerful pets and trading them. Let us check a few of the pets here:

Mythical Pets:

Ninja Cat, Ninja Maskot,

Legendary pets:

Ninja Turtle

Titanic Pets:

Titanic Cosmic Pegasus, Titanic Cat, Titanic Atlantean Jellyfish, Titanic Hubert, Titanic Jolly Cat 

Exclusive Pets:

Cosmic Agony, Cosmic Axolotl, Atlantean Stingray, Nightmare Spirit, Exquisite Elephant, Knife Cat, Nightfall Pegasus.

More Pet Simulator 99 Pets:

Nightfall Ram

Nightfall Tiger

Crystal Deer

Sapphire Phoenix


Super Cat

Super Corgi

Starfall Dragon

Empyrean Agony

Rainbow Unicorn

Storm Agony



Ice Cream

Lucky Cat

Electric Smile



Sea Dragon

Lava Scorpion

Mushroom King

Stacked Doge Noob

Grumpy Cat

Sad Cat

Nyan Cat

Blue BIG Maskot

Fairy Queen

Storm Wolf

Dominus Astra

Galaxy Dragon

Nebula Dragon

Pet Simulator 99 Wiki:

Pet Simulator 99 is the latest game in the series of Pet Simulator on Roblox developed by Big Games Pets. It was released after the success of Pet Simulator, Pet Simulator 2, and Pet Simulator X. The game Pet Simulator 99 is about having coins and gems and unlocking strong pets. These coins help players hatch pets, and later, they can trade them. The game was successfully released on 1 December 2023 on the Roblox platform. The game description suggests players can have 99 pets, open 99 eggs, explore a huge map, play minigames, and trade pets.

Social media links:

Trello: Not available

Discord server: 

Roblox game link:


The article here covered codes, how to redeem them, scripts and other details. Moreover, we have covered Pet Simulator 99 Wiki, which has pets available as of now. We frequently update the details on our site; therefore, keep checking for regular information. Also, if you are looking for a further guide on the PS 99 game, check the YouTube video on it.

Did you find any codes yet? Do comment so that our readers can use them in their game.

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